Fake Video Still Suckering Millions

It's amazing to see how far and wide bad information will spread. On youTube you can find a video that claims to show you how to charge an iPod with an onion that's been soaked in a sports drink. It's now been seen 7 million times.

The video is pretty obviously a hoax. Onions don't exactly drink up a whole cup of liquid and a USB cable won't get much of a charge and Mythbusters has proven it wrong. But it keeps on going around and around until this mind worm claims everyone I suppose.


Picture of Fake Video Still Suckering Millions
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Kiteman9 years ago
The method shown - plugging the usb directly into the onion - clearly won't work, but it should be possible by a slightly different method. Somebody buy me an iPod and I'll prove it...
I have an Ipod nano that I dont use now that I have an iphone. you want it?
(That was a joke, DJ)
You did sound a bit factual about the matter.....
Deadpan humour is frequently my style. Watch for the trailing ellipse...
Im not familiar with deadpan humor, sorry about that.....
british humor! haha very dry
. Shaken, not stirred
Google is your friend.
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