Fallen out With a Friend

I am very angry and kind of depressed now.....

I have fallen out with a friend, and i am pissed off.

( this is at dinnertime - on the school playground BTW)

It all started when i called him ( stuart) something ( daddy's little wh*re) as a joke. I always tease him and he just puches me , and then we carry on as normal. But i realised i went too far then, ( it was un-intentional; like a spur of the moment how i always tease him). I aploigised twice then, but then he chased me - he is very fast and this time he had a very angry look on his face! I quickly ran in a cicle and then ran straight outa the school gates for dinner- to avoid beatings.

When i returned to school on the same day, I tried to avoid him incase i get hit, but i couldn't since my best friend hangs out with him, and i wanted to talk to him. So when walked up i imediatly got chased off ( but i was able to say sorry twice again). So next break i walked up again, But i got pushed, then kicked very hard on my arse by stuart. Then i got chased again and got puched twice. I decide to avoid him and ,my other friend totally for the remaining lessons.

(TODAY), I normally walk with him too school and back form school. So when morning came, i got ready and left the house. I spotted him ( stuart) behind me and decided to carry on walking - too see what he would do..... Once he caught up he walked off! ahead leaving me behind! ( I thought the guy would off cooled down by now). Once i caught up with him i said:

" hello. Are you still in a mood with me?"

Stuart: " fuck off , i don't wanna walk with you, so get lost"

Me: " why man? please, i said sorry lots of times...come on!"

stuart : " Fuck off "

I just realised he was angry and then just carried on walking to school away from him. I avoided him for most of the day, until maths finished:

I was walking with another friend on the playground, then i saw stuart with his 2 friends ( one of them is also my friend) walking the opposit direction towards me.:

When we were pararllel he got out his hand and pushed me really hard!

me: " what the fuck did you do that for? I didnt do nothin' to you! "

He smirked, and then walked off saying nothing.

I am really angry and depressed now. I didnt go back after dinnertime today. Cause I am that down.. :-(

Ive said sorry countless of times and ment it but he wouldn't listen. He just gets ready to hit me.

I can't even hang out with my other friends because half of my friends ( he hangs out with). So im worried if i go up to them he might start a fight wich i don't wanna do. He is the tallest in year 9 twice the size of me, and pretty big. ( i know it would be a un fair fight ida get beaten).

And now i havn't got anyone to walk to school with , which sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't know what to do?!?!?

Personally i think he's acting childish. Ive apoligised lots and he won't listen.

Thank you for reading this extreamally long post!!! Please Help with sensible advice.

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ledzep56710 years ago
just curious, but how old are you?
Baron A (author)  ledzep56710 years ago
And using that kind of language. When I was 13, every time I said (censored), I giggled. That was three years ago.
Baron A (author)  Doctor What9 years ago
Well of course I only use that kind of language with my friends or on the school yard. Never infront of my dad.
ledzep567 Baron A10 years ago
jessyratfink10 years ago
Why did you call him that? That's very random and probably hit a chord if he's taking it so hard. All you can really do is keep apologizing and stay away from him until he cools down. ... and might I add that I am so happy I only have to deal with this sort of drama through one person and not through everyone at my school. :P
"and probably hit a chord if he's taking it so hard. " Thats a heck of a chord to hit... Especially if it has been going on for days and he still wants nothing to do with you. I would hate to see what would happen if you truly did something to him meriting him acting like that. Of course there could be something that happened at some point in his life that you do not know about. I say give it a couple of days, and let him cool off some.
Baron A (author)  its a lion9 years ago
You were right a little off,... but still right. To be exact it took about 160 days - 4 months. Still worked though lol.
Probably very defensive of his dad. If someone went up to Bhuddo's son and made a joke about his mom, I wouldn't blame him for shooting the guy in the face.
Rishnai9 years ago
How'd it go? It's been a while. Still not speaking with him? (And is he still mad as hell?)
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