Fallout 3 weapon props

These Fallout 3 weapons by Ryan Palser are sweet. The attention to detail is fantastic and the whole project is awe-inspiring. Check out the Flickr set for many more shots of the props and the build process.

A3-21 Plasma Rifle
via MAKE

Picture of Fallout 3 weapon props
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BadZombie3 years ago

thease are some weapons that I have been wanting to build for some time now.

Ammoking35 years ago
Okay that is just awesome! I actually thought at first that you were talking about the fallout 3 rifle from Volpin (the one on the top left of the picture) and that he made another one but this man has some serious skills as well!
Same!! My first thought was why didn't he do a write up of the second gun but oh well. Does anyone know if this guy has a site??
yep here it is http://kronosprops.blogspot.com/
the_keiser7 years ago
The only site I know of is his blog. http://volpinprops.blogspot.com/ all his stuff is ridiculously awesome.
wrong one this is by a guy with a similar sight like volpins but not his. volpin made a fallout 3 prop but not that one. it was a laser rifle.
ry259207 years ago
ry25920's eyes begin to bleed. This is pretty awesome, too bad there isn't a fat man or sniper... :P
fat man is epic! but if u load it to much it makes it a mirv!
What about proper Fallout weapons instead of all this new stuff bethesda pulled out of a hat
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