Hi, i made a knex weapon that looks like a Famas. I first show it here to you and if there are many people who want i post it then ill do that :) the firing pin wil never bow cause its a red one and its a "special frame" where te firing pin is atached to. Sad enough it has no mag but i found out something that you can put 3 bullets in the barrel and they dont come out of it... Please leave a comment if you like it Thanks ps: sorry, i dont have many pics...

Picture of Famas
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jammy56 years ago
DrWeird1178 years ago
Not bad, not bad. 4.5*
ojochris8 years ago


gunman948 years ago
unnnnnghhh o m g (dreuling)
Vynash9 years ago
nice post it if you want
very impreesive
dsman1952769 years ago
good job!! i think i could put a hopper on the end of it if you want. but i am not going to take the time to make it from one pic so please post.
Fresh949 years ago
Looks good i say post.