Famous Peoples 2.0

Okay, part two of my diabolical plan! Kiteman gave me the idea that I didn't need to use avatars, but something that represents the person. So if you would, pick the people from the list and say the object that they remind you most of. Ex: Skunkbait might be the Skunktrap
sorry if any names are misspelled, I copied and pasted

Adrian Monk
Dj Radio
keith kid
Nacho Mahma
Tool Using Animal

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Goodhart7 years ago
Hmm, I know he is crossed out (and in his own list, he omits himself) but I see this picture when I think of Kiteman:
what about me?
Ok, how about this one ( http://www.ericalbers.com/images/collage.jpg )

BTW: you mention Jackie Lee in you profile....did you know Jackie Lee was a singer ?
oooohhh, i see... w00t, i'm teh guy with teh dangerous chemicalszz
...and the electrical stuff :-)
yes yes, that too!
erm goodhart, i dont mean to be rude, but wtf have i got a lego bionacle spider for???
I don't consider any questions rude :-) I thought you were had complex robotic building ability. Maybe I misread you, sorry.
Would you like another image instead? :-)
How about this one:
haha, alot better.
so, when will we see the instructable LOL
well, firstly, i have not the room to build one, also, no sane woman would allow me to have that in her house.
in the house? That is what garages are for ;-)
Sane women are such a drag!
hence why im building one if and when i move in with my gf!
Kiteman gmjhowe7 years ago
Isn't that the same as the probe droid that landed on Hoth?
It looks hauntingly similar, doesn't it?
Bumps and Killerjackalope have the best ones =]
Oh, you don't like yours.....how should I view you then? :-)
I do like mine. But bumpus and kj have the funniest.
Oh, funniest, I thought you meant best as in good....Like Kelseyhm's (although that is kind of funny too, if you know the movie it is from...)
I like my picture, it's risque, if you have a dirty mind, which I do.
LOL I don't know about a dirty mind, maybe a very imaginative one ;-) So, you like the one I picked for you ? LOL
Chicken2209 (author)  Goodhart7 years ago
do me!
Chicken2209 (author)  Goodhart7 years ago
I don't wear cowboy hats! oh wait the other one gotcha!
Yeah, the taller one LOL
Chicken2209 (author)  Goodhart7 years ago
including the 'hair'do
a-hem....the comb ;-)
Chicken2209 (author)  Goodhart7 years ago
some of us chickens find that word offensive we prefer hairdo, or Mohawk
Oh, sorry, I thought only turkeys found it offensive ;-)
Chicken2209 (author)  Goodhart7 years ago
Fun Fact: If you feed a turkey combs for 100 years, it will live to be 100!
im not married, so...
Ok, like I explained to others, the pictures aren't perfect, but representitive....I didn't offend you did I?
no, its ok
I dare say you have the best, most accurate response...
Do you like the pic I picked for you then?
I am flattered by your brain's representation of me...
Thanks blush
If the link for RocketScientist doesn't work for you (seems like it doesn't for me), you can copy and paste it and that seems to fix whatever I did to make it not work for me :-)
Hmm, I wonder if mine is good or just sardonic...
I tried to find appropriate images, not always perfect though. From what you know of me, what do you think it is saying? :-)

Good point.
Let's put it this way, I tried to illustrate a prominent part of each personality, with a picture....it wasn't always as accurate as it could be, but I didn't joke about with any of them; although at second glance, some of them could be taken that way, I suppose.
n8man Goodhart7 years ago
I beleive this one also describes Adrian http://farm1.static.flickr.com/167/430036885_8b6029b9d4.jpg
Goodhart n8man7 years ago
That is possible...
woah, hey, what about me?
Goodhart7 years ago
If I were to pick one for myself, it would probably be:
nah.....that suits me more than you
Well, if you saw me in my natural habitat you'd know what I mean :-)
Keith-Kid7 years ago
I see I am not there......
Chicken2209 (author)  Keith-Kid7 years ago
No! It's in lower case! It's Keith-Kid, not keith-kid
Chicken2209 (author)  Keith-Kid7 years ago
i did that on purpose same goes for the hyphen you wouldn't be a bad one for my project
Chicken2209 (author)  Keith-Kid7 years ago
its Keith-Kid not keith kid
...Why on earth would you tell ME that? I KNOW!
Chicken2209 (author)  Keith-Kid7 years ago
because you didn't mention it?
I did. I said those exact words. The ? referred to when you said: you wouldn't be a bad one for my project.
Chicken2209 (author)  Keith-Kid7 years ago
no you said keith-kid i said keith kid and you wouldn't be
Derin7 years ago
Derinsleep:Turkish flag
Bumpus - Hunchback Caitlinsdad - Pencil Dj Radio - knex pieces Gmjhowe - Leather thingkie Goodhart - Beard GorillazMiko - Eggs Jessyratfink - Plushie kelseyhm - Idk, a hard hat? I just think of what he looks like. Killerjackalope - motorcycle Kiteman - Hands-idk why Nacho Mahma - Smily RocketScientist2015 Skate - A skateboard Skunkbait - a rather intimidating rifle Tool Using Animal - What else but a chimpanzee Weissensteinburg - nada zachninme - a computer
A hard hat? That would be my current avatar, I guess :-) Here's my other one, which triggered my inclusion in the Infamous Quiz Incident.
Derin kelseymh7 years ago
Hard hat?That is my avatar,sir.
Yep, if I squint, I can sort of make out a hard hat on you, I thought. Hey, it wasn't just this one, it was your international television debut. ;) You were wearing a hawaiian-ish shirt there. Toned down hawaiian, but hawaiian all the same.
You think nothing of me? :'(
Wha...? Oh-I left one out accidentally. RocketScientist2015 - A port-a-john. NO, I don't know why-maybe the TARDIS and the image of you scrubbing fixtures with a toothbrush for the rest of your life was juxtaposited in my head or something...
XD The tardis is a police box.... But I think the brits have some porta potties modled after it...
You look like a hunchback in your avatar, even though close up you can see it looks like through a peephole.
gmjhowe7 years ago
nope. that neither. i will try and find my own,
Chicken2209 (author)  gmjhowe7 years ago
whatsisface7 years ago
What's wrong whatsisface?
He no did make de list...
Chicken2209 (author)  Lithium Rain7 years ago
If it makes him feel better, some people are up there to keep the crowds at bay
Im here to get the crowd........Lolz
Chicken2209 (author)  DJ Radio7 years ago
its not to keep the knexers at bay
And I'm not even worth that?

zachninme7 years ago
Adrian Monk - "Okay, is this the guy or a girl?"* Bumpus - *bump* Caitlinsdad - Awesome (if not to odd scales) projects for young'ins Dj Radio - *sigh* Goodhart - puns GorillazMiko -:D Jessyratfink - cats & :D Skate - *sigh* Tool Using Animal - smart, witty & risqué Weissensteinburg - Florida zachninme - self-reference
That's the first lot of these I wholly agree with.
DJ Radio7 years ago
I am also the top infamous underground ibler.........
Goodhart7 years ago
Gee, I hope I haven't insulted anyone....I meant them to be as close as I could come to how I envision each personality or presence online.
I liked mine. That looks alot like one I got two years ago!
Kiteman7 years ago
Adrian Monk - fedora on a stand
Bumpus - chimpanzee!
Catlinsdad - Caitlin
Dj Radio - a 7" disc
Gmjhowe - a top-hat, with a small metal chimney on the side.
Goodhart - the tee-shirt!
GorillazMiko - inverted bucket of chicken-derived fast-food
Jessyratfink - plushy Robot
kelseyhm - a toroid
Killerjackalope - a pint of guinness
Kiteman (modesty forbids)
Nacho Mahma - vaguely cuboid doggy
Skate - You know, I can't think of a specific image. Sorry, Skate.
Skunkbait - Skooly
Tool Using Animal - a spanner in a paw?
Weissensteinburg - a big apostrophe ("W'berg")
zachninme - a PC monitor?
Wait- "modesty forbids" you posting the image you get in your head when you think of yourself??
Well, I happen to know what is planned for me...
Chicken2209 (author)  Kiteman7 years ago
DJ Radio7 years ago
Adrian Monk- monk, the show
Bumpus- Anti-knex
Caitlinsdad- pen and paper
Dj Radio- RAP
Gmjhowe- steampunk
Goodhart- good farts
GorillazMiko- KFC
Jessyratfink- plushie
kelseyhm- ?
Killerjackalope- Boxer
Kiteman- Paper kites
Nacho Mahma- nacho cheese
RocketScientist2015- rockets
Skate- dog on skateboard
Skunkbait- skunk on fish line
Tool Using Animal-?
Weissensteinburg- photos
zachninme - greasemonkey
ll.137 years ago
I can't keep up with Instructables... =]

I just query skate being in there. get out. :D
KentsOkay7 years ago
I'm not famous!?! Onion sauce... and what's up with Scrubs?
Bumpus = Pickles
Gmjhowe = Avoiding violent endings
Goodhart = amity towards all
Killerjackalope = The inner chaos element
Kiteman = England's finest
Nacho Mahma = Nachos
Skunkbait = Bliss in the woods, BP smoke
zachinme = GM script master
RocketScientist2015 = Pride
I guess you don't think anything of me either...
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