Fan art keeps coming in!

Another trip downstairs to the mailbox and 8 more colored robots show up! This is in addition to the 2 that kelseymh brought over on Tuesday during the Make:SF meeting.

Picture of Fan art keeps coming in!
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Haha, I love the middle one. What should it be titled-Why you should not give markers to a three year old? Or Robot explosion?
I guess ~~nacho~~ the dog will be the random picker for the contest. Seems to be eyeing that one in the middle though.
I'll rub mine in dog food before sending it!
. I've been called worse than that by better than you. :P
YOU TELL HIM PUP *pets Nacho*.
"not"? Nah...The photo of the three-year-old themself after the coloring, now that would deserve the "not" :-)
lmao hahah
She's actually pretty good with markers. It's the painting that's messy. She's very excited to see her robot on the "puter" (computer) I'm pretty excited mine got there too. (the sequined one, and the ballerina) hooray for robots!
:-) I've got a seven-month-old now. Markers aren't on her horizon yet, but she does quite well with peas and sweet potatoes :-) I really liked the sequins; excellent work!
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