Fan knitter stomped on by BBC

A Doctor Who fan, known as Mazzmatazz, has been legally stomped on by the BBC for creating her own patterns for the Adipose and Ood creatures.

She never charged for the pattern, nor did she pretend it was official, but somebody sold a completed version on ebay, so the Beeb went OTT on her.

According to TechnoLlama their action has no genuine basis in law, but she caved in out of fear of corporate lawyers.

The BBC's action is a real shame, because it could signal problems for the thousands of fan artists (writers, musicians, artists) around the world who express themselves (for free) through the shared ground of Doctor Who (or any other BBC drama).

The knitter's website
TechnoLlama blog post
BBC slant

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CraftBear5 years ago
I don't suppose anyone may have heard rumours about where the pattern did or did not end up? And if anyone had done I wouldn't want them to message me or anything... =D
mmm, funny you should ask that. I did a search just a moment ago and found this interesting link to the wayback machine!
OMG OMG OMG!!!!! <3 now to familiarise myself with knitting patterns and learn to knit in round! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!
When knitting in the round, using the magic loop method is a lot easier than using four needles. There is a video tute here that is extremly easy to follow.
I'd been working on a Soft Kitty pattern and now am leery of that (Big Bang Theory reference).
Soft Kitty Pattern?? =D
Yeah, here is one being sold by Think Geek....

=SMART=9 years ago
i diddnt se the walking fat episode :(
wocket9 years ago
hopefully they don't start going after fan fiction!
Is the UK getting to be overcrowded with lawyers as well? This sounds like something that's come up because the lawyers on retainer had nothing to do and while they were surfing the web they happened across this and said, "Right, I guess I must defend my existence today" and wrote up some legal papers.

Something very similar happened in the States last year when a fan made a doll based on a character in a videogame and despite no plans to sell it the lawyers gleefully jumped down his throat. Finally the game developer found out, smacked the lawyers around a bit for being total tools, and apologized.

gears of war doll drama
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