Fan made Iron Man suit is pretty freakin' great

Anthony Le is such a fan of Iron Man that he built his own War Machine outfit. Based on concept sketches from before Iron Man 2 hit theaters, Le's suit has a motorized faceplate that flips up and down and a spinning Gatling gun on his shoulder. It's an amazing build and took Le a month to make at a cost of $4,000. Great job!

Le, a fitness consultant, studied some concept sketches of the suit posted on the Internet. He used thin, high-impact urethane for the armor, cutting it into plates and joining them with some 1,500 rivets and washers. He sculpted a clay helmet mold and then used a liquid resin mix to create the final product. But that was just cosmetic work. He also added a small servo motor that opens the faceplate, as in the movie, and built a gun out of pipes and a motor. LEDs in the eyes and chest-plate further add to the illusion.

You Built What?! A Real Iron Man Suit

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tumidaj3 years ago
Good job! :) I like this
Either way, this is one helluvan awesome suit! Astounding!
tk10556 years ago
One of his ex-buddies has come forward and has given the costume world the skinny on how these suits were done.

First off, the helmet was NOT made by Lee, It was made by Nate, who was a friend of his, and Lee has since stolen the mold from the individual and has sold substandard copies from it.

Second, the suits are not made from any "high impact urethane" they are indeed made from rubbermade trash cans available at any walmart. $4000 dollars to make that is a lot of bunk. Master Le learned of this armor method on The Dented Helmet, and is not the originator of the idea.

Third, Master Lee is a known rip off artist as is seen here
BillBiker6 years ago
Would be a GREAT kids costume for upcoming halloween!!! Congrats and very awesome job!
that is bad @$$
Honus6 years ago
It's pretty neat. Anyone wanting to make their own Iron Man suit should check out this place- http://www.siwdat.com/
I  wouldn't mind an 'ible just for the minigun!  :P
Seriously, though, that is pretty freaking awesome.
Here you go- http://www.restrainingbolt.com/tutorials/pages/minigun/minigun_tutorial.html
The minigun shouldn't be too hard, in theory you could make most of it in silver painted pvc pipes that are glued together - for the rotation you could use a small DC motor or a servo depending on the rotation type :3

This guy did an amazing job though!
zascecs6 years ago
Pretty damn good...
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