Fan mail! From Adrian Monk

We got a package in the mail today from Adrian Monk. As you can see, it's a plaster hand just like the one on the site. Super cool. We heartily endorse the sending of fun stuff to us in the mail. Always. The hand and the base didn't stay together, but we put some epoxy on it and it's curing right now. Should be just fine when it's done.

Picture of Fan mail! From Adrian Monk
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Kiteman9 years ago
Hey, where is Adrian?

She's usually here more often than I am, but she hasn't posted since yesterday...
Right here. Just extraordinarily busy today. :-) Lol, that's probably true-I'll wager I'm about the most active member on here, in terms of sheer time spent on the site.
wrong! i posted 2,600 comments since i joined as radioactive, which is about 2 months
most of those are spam of rap lyrics
not rly
that rickrolls, or rap music videos...
its okay the first step is admitting your problem you'll get there some day
Ahhahaha Word.
Derin bumpus9 years ago
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