Fantastic Russian Wall-E case-mod

This is such a good build, it speaks for it's self.

Picture of Fantastic Russian Wall-E case-mod
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Chicken22098 years ago
its officially not cool until a web cam is built into the eye
lemonie (author)  Chicken22098 years ago
Pah, you'd not be satisfied until it had a death-ray and mini-nukes I suppose? L
Whoa, whoa, whoa...You're getting too Fallout here. D
its a kids movie...
lemonie (author)  Chicken22098 years ago
I know the movie. L
Kiteman8 years ago
I am not showing that to the boys!
Scared they might make it? :D
Scared they might expect me to make it!
ll.138 years ago
It looks fantastic, just a shame the monitor, keyboard + mouse aren't as amazing. :)