Farewell to David tennant

David Tennant (The Tenth doctor) will soon be leaving Doctor Who, and be replaced by matt smith

Picture of Farewell to David tennant
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lemonie8 years ago
Probably the best Doctor...
My favorite - he managed to play "knowing everything" without appearing arrogant.
A bit a scary as his enemies sometimes...

sir-zeke (author)  lemonie8 years ago
was he the first doctor you saw? i heard somewhere that the first doctor you watch is your favorite.
Tom Baker (pictured above in The Scarf) is my favorite. He was the third or 4th Dr I saw. I didn't care for Colin Baker & stopped watching for a while. I have missed some of the middle Doctors and don't watch very often anymore. I saw the first Doctor in B&W re-runs. I've seen a few episodes with David Tennant & like him, but he reminds me so much of Richard Hammond that I keep expecting him to slip into a TopGear persona. I lost control of the TV remote some years ago, so I don't usually choose the shows anymore.
Cubie2 sir-zeke7 years ago
I would have to disagree, Christopher Eccleston was the first I ever saw and David Tennant and Matt Smith are both better than him in my opinion. I can't decide if I like David or Matt more though... Maybe this next season will decide it. DID YOU KNOW THEY'RE SHOOTING IN UTAH THIS SEASON?!!! 8D
Gnara Cubie26 years ago
I saw that!!!! its posted all over facebook!
I cannot wait!
Cubie2 Gnara6 years ago
It's already over- my friend went and saw it. She came back with picture of her with the doctor and got to meet most of the cast. She also got autographs. 8D I was SO jealous.
Gnara Cubie26 years ago
WWWhhaat?! thats wicked cool!
Gnara sir-zeke6 years ago
Thats the case for me.
And my first doctor happened to be the 11th.
Now im getting quite fond of the 10th since im going back through the series
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