Fastest you have ever been.

I have a car, but no permit or license. One day, my brother told me to bring him something while he was at work. I was driving down the street going the speed limit or a little over and under. I turned onto the main road Speed limit, 50mph, and just went 50 or so the whole way. and when i got back onto the highway, this guy is following me to my bumper basically, so in the non passing zone just getting on i am going about 25mph, as you are getting on it is 35mph limit, as soon as it reaches 50mph, i jam the gas, it goes into passing gear and in no time i am doing 80mph. and on an S-curve still doing 80. On the stretch i am doing about 60mph, and decided i should just stick to the speed limit. Got a story? A Nice Morning Drive It was a fine morning in March 1982. The warm weather and clear sky gave promise of an early spring. Buzz had arisen early that morning, impatiently eaten breakfast and gone to the garage. Opening the door, he saw the sunshine bounce off the gleaming hood of his 15-year-old MGB roadster. After carefully checking the fluid levels, tire pressures and ignition wires, Buzz slid behind the wheel and cranked the engine, which immediately fired to life. He thought happily of the next few hours he would spend with the car, but his happiness was clouded - it was not as easy as it used to be. A dozen years ago things had begun changing. First there were a few modest safety and emission improvements required on new cars; gradually these became more comprehensive. The governmental requirements reached an adequate level, but they didn't stop; they continued and became more and more stringent. Now there were very few of the older models left, through natural deterioration and . . . other reasons. The MG was warmed up now and Buzz left the garage, hoping that this early in the morning there would be no trouble. He kept an eye on the instruments as he made his way down into the valley. The valley roads were no longer used very much: the small farms were all owned by doctors and the roads were somewhat narrow for the MSVs (Modern Safety Vehicles). The safety crusade had been well done at first. The few harebrained schemes were quickly ruled out and a sense of rationality developed. But in the late Seventies, with no major wars, cancer cured and social welfare straightened out, the politicians needed a new cause and once again they turned toward the automobile. The regulations concerning safety became tougher. Cars became larger, heavier, less efficient. They consumed gasoline so voraciously that the United States had had to become a major ally with the Arabian countries. The new cars were hard to stop or maneuver quickly, but they would save your life (usually) in a 50-mph crash. With 200 million cars on the road, however, few people ever drove that fast anymore. Buzz zipped quickly to the valley floor, dodging the frequent potholes which had developed from neglect of the seldom-used roads. The engine sounded spot-on and the entire car had a tight, good feeling about it. He negotiated several quick S-curves and reached 6000 in third gear before backing off for the next turn. He didn't worry about the police down here. No, not the cops . . . Despite the extent of the safety program, it was essentially a good idea. But unforeseen complications had arisen. People became accustomed to cars which went undamaged in 10-mph collisions. They gave even less thought than before to the possibility of being injured in a crash. As a result, they tended to worry less about clearances and rights-of-way, so that the accident rate went up a steady six percent every year. But the damages and injuries actually decreased, so the government was happy, the insurance industry was happy and most of the car owners were happy. Most of the car owners - the owners of the non-MSV cars - were kept busy dodging the less careful MSV drivers, and the result of this mismatch left very few of the older cars in existence. If they weren't crushed between two 6000-pound sleds on the highway they were quietly priced into the junkyard by the insurance peddlers. And worst of all, they became targets . . . Buzz was well into his act now, speeding through the twisting valley roads with all the skill he could muster, to the extent that he had forgotten his earlier worries. Where the road was unbroken he would power around the turns in well controlled oversteer, and where the sections were potholed he saw them as devious chicanes to be mastered. He left the ground briefly going over one of the old wooden bridges and later ascertained that the MG would still hit 110 on the long stretch between the old Hanlin and Grove farms. He was just beginning to wind down when he saw it, there in his mirror, a late-model MSV with hand-painted designs covering most of its body (one of the few modifications allowed on post-1980 cars). Buzz hoped it was a tourist or a wayward driver who got lost looking for a gas station. But now the MSV driver had spotted the MG, and with a whoosh of a well muffled, well cleansed exhaust he started the chase . . . It hadn't taken long for the less responsible element among drivers to discover that their new MSVs could inflict great damage on an older car and go unscathed themselves. As a result some drivers would go looking for the older cars in secluded areas, bounce them off the road or into a bridge abutment, and then speed off undamaged, relieved of whatever frustrations cause this kind of behavior. Police seldom patrolled these out-of-the-way places, their attentions being required more urgently elsewhere, and so it became a great sport for some drivers. Buzz wasn't too worried yet. This had happened a few times before, and unless the MSV driver was an exceptionally good one, the MG could be called upon to elude the other driver without too much difficulty. Yet something bothered him about this gaudy MSV in his mirror, but what was it? Planning carefully, Buzz let the other driver catch up to within a dozen yards or so, and then suddenly shot off down a road to the right. The MSV driver stood on his brakes, skidding 400 feet down the road, made a lumbering U-turn and set off once again after the roadster. The MG had gained a quarter mile in this manner and Buzz was thankful for the radial tires and front and rear anti-roll bars he had put on the car a few years back. He was flying along the twisting road, downshifting, cornering, accelerating and all the while planning his route ahead. He was confident that if he couldn't outrun the MSV then he could at least hold it off for another hour or more, at which time the MSV would be quite low on gas. But what was it that kept bothering him about the other car? They reached a straight section of the road and Buzz opened it up all the way and held it. The MSV was quite a way back but not so far that Buzz couldn't distinguish the tall antenna standing up from the back bumper. Antenna! Not police, but perhaps a Citizen's Band radio in the MSV? He quaked slightly and hoped it was not. The straight stretch was coming to an end now and Buzz put off braking to the last fraction of a second and then sped through a 75-mph right-hander, gaining ten more yards on the MSV. But less than a quarter mile ahead another huge MSV was slowly pulling across the road and to a stop. It was a CB set. The other driver had a cohort in the chase. Now Buzz was in trouble. He stayed on the gas until within a few hundred feet when he banked hard and feinted passing to the left. The MSV crawled in that direction and Buzz slipped by on the right, bouncing heavily over a stone on the shoulder. The two MSVs set off in hot pursuit, almost colliding in the process. Buzz turned right at the first crossroad and then made a quick left, hoping to be out of sight of his pursuers, and in fact he traveled several minutes before spotting one of them on the main road parallel to his lane. At the same time the other appeared in the mirror from around the last comer. By now they were beginning to climb the hills on the far side of the valley and Buzz pressed on for all he was worth, praying that the straining engine would stand up. He lost track of one MSV when the main road turned away, but could see the other one behind him on occasion. Climbing the old Monument Road, Buzz hoped to have time to get over the top and down the old dirt road to the right, which would be too narrow for his pursuers. Climbing, straining, the water temperature rising, using the entire road, flailing the shift lever back and forth from 3rd to 4th, not touching the brakes but scrubbing off the necessary speed in the corners, reaching the peak of the mountain where the lane to the old fire tower went off to the left . . . but coming up the other side of the hill was the second MSV he had lost track of! No time to get to his dirt road. He made a panicked turn left onto the fire tower road but spun on some loose gravel and struck a tree a glancing blow with his right fender. He came to a stop on the opposite side of the road. the engine stalled. Hurriedly he pushed the starter while the overheated engine slowly came back into life. He engaged 1st gear and sped off up the road, just as the first MSV turned the corner. Dazed though he was, Buzz had the advantage of a very narrow road lined on both sides with trees, and he made the most of it. The road twisted constantly and he stayed in 2nd with the engine between 5000 and 5500. The crash hadn't seemed to hurt anything and he was pulling away from the MSV. But to where? It hit him suddenly that the road dead-ended at the fire tower, no place to go but back . . . Still he pushed on and at the top of the hill drove quickly to the far end of the clearing, turned the MG around and waited. The first MSV came flying into the clearing and aimed itself at the sitting MG. Buzz grabbed reverse gear, backed up slightly to feint, stopped, and then backed up at full speed. The MSV, expecting the MG to change direction, veered the wrong way and slid to a stop up against a tree. Buzz was off again, down the fire tower road, and the undamaged MSV set off in pursuit. Buzz's predicament was unenviable. He was going full tilt down the twisting blacktop with a solid MSV coming up at him. and an equally solid MSV coming down after him. On he went, however, braking hard before each turn and then accelerating back up to 45 in between. Coming down to a particularly tight turn, he saw the MSV coming around it from the other direction and stood on the brakes. The sudden extreme pressure in the brake lines was too much for the rear brake line which had been twisted somewhat in his spin, and it broke, robbing Buzz of his brakes. In sheer desperation he pulled the handbrake as tightly as it would go and rammed the gear lever into 1st, popping the clutch as he did so. The back end locked solid and broke away, spinning him off the side of the road and miraculously into some bushes, which brought the car to a halt. As he was collecting his senses, Buzz saw the two MSVs, unable to stop in time, ram each other head on at over 40 mph. It was a long time before Buzz had the MG rebuilt to its original pristine condition of before the chase. It was an even longer time before he went back into the valley for a drive. Now it was only in the very early hours of the day when most people were still sleeping off the effects of the good life. And when he saw in the papers that the government would soon be requiring cars to be capable of withstanding 75-mph headon collisions, he stopped driving the MG altogether. Written by: Richard Foster

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Toga_Dan5 years ago
1500 mph

Combined speed of an eastbound airliner + the eastward rotation of the earth.

traveling eastbound with the rotation of the earth.
lol. I think we're talking about land transport here.
About 100MPH in a newer Volvo suv...on the freeway.
ambdukias664 years ago
110mph in a mitsubishi mirage s-coupe and 110 in a 73 dodge dart sport 340. funnest cornering was my daily drive home from work on highway 19 between waunakee, wi and mazomanie, wi. theres a blind curve posted at 25mph, my record is 63mph while staying in my own lane in a 2005 chrysler pt cruiser touring edition.
due to a medical condition (severe dizziness) i haven't driven since '07 and i sure do miss it. planning on putting an electric motor on my recumbent trike so i can experience at least a little speed again lol :)
Aron3135 years ago
About 95 on my crf450r!!!!!
105 on my modded XR400- (440 big bore, thumper racing, et al) (( found out that the lighter piston would allow extra revs that eventually stretched the connecting rod small end... :*(
Enjoy yours!
Moem Scanner25 years ago
Oh that's such a shame about your connecting rod!
XR400s are awesome. I know because I've ridden one.
Scanner2 Moem5 years ago
It was an awesome bike to ride.
Be careful out there... :)
Niceeeee. Since i got it 95 was probably the highest until about a couple of months ago i topped out around 105 i think. That really sux tho.
Kiteman5 years ago
Looking back, around 120-125mph when I was late getting the student newspaper originals to the printers, back in the late 80s.

Since then, I don't often get over 80mph without getting comments from the passenger seat.
I can relate...
My car gets noisy inside when my driving gets "sporty". I believe the noise is centered in the passenger seat, like yours.... oddly, the more sporty the driving, the more "present" the noise seems to get...
Moem5 years ago
165 km/h on my Suzuki T500. Then the seat came loose and starting sliding backwards... so I decided that enough was enough, slowed down, and sure enough, the sea slid back in place. *phew*

That was a lovely bike. Not practical at al, but beautiful.
espdp25 years ago
My Toyota Camry was governed at 125 mph and would coast down to about 115 before powering back on again.

My little brother's Honda Rebel (250?) would wheeze its way to 75 downhill with a tailwind, and that was fun.

I've been *possibly* 100 along a grass levee on a modified Yamaha Banshee. Skipping along, wheels barely in contact with the ground. That was the most INTENSE RIDE EVAHHH! I backed off a before I topped out in 4th gear, and it had two more gears available! Totally intimidated. As a side note, don't mess with a flock of geese on the ground. They rain $#!+ when they take off, and I almost crashed to avoid the mess. Good times.

38 mph on my 10-speed down a long straight hill, according to my speedo. That was a lot of fun.

~120 in a Piper Cub 1+1, once around the countryside. I want one.

Fast enough in a catamaran to need two people hiked out to keep it upright. Maybe 25-30 knots, but that was thrilling!

68 knots on a bad.... jet ski, and then a wipeout! OOOF! And then again five more times on purpose. Hahahahahahahaha!

On my bucket list:
>160 on a motorcycle.
>50 on a bicyle.
>200 in a car.
Terminal velocity on a skydive.
0-60 in less than 4 seconds.
0-100-0 in less than 12 seconds.

What is on YOUR bucket list?
Davidptbll5 years ago
194 km/hr in '05 chevy Aveo! Scarey as it's basically a pop can on wheels :-)
CanHasDIY5 years ago
Interstate highway, 1976 Pontiac Trans Am, 170 mph. It was... sublime :)
ilpug5 years ago
TLDR, but the fastest speed I have travelled in a car was about 120, on a straight desert road.
quadracer5 years ago
175, 04 wrx sti.
lelik-in5 years ago
красивая машина
RSV265 years ago
110 on my motor cycal , is 60 km fast on a motor cycal
Derin8 years ago
130kmh in a car
321 knots in an airliner
Baronrc Derin5 years ago
HAHA, if we count airliners then just about everyone's been there, those fortunate enough to travel atleast.
Baronrc5 years ago
Fastest I've been is 200 Km/h (124.27424 mph) which isn't that incredible but what is incredible is the fact that I drifted at that speed when I misjudged an overtaking maneuvre, almost crashed but LUCKILY I kept my cool and got it under control.

I know it was very irresponsible (please no patronising or haughty lectures) and I have since grown up a lot.

Maybe someday if the environment is right I'll get to the magic 300 (or 180 if you're an imperial proponent) - Anyone in Cape Town with maserati that wants to take me 'round the track? I'll wash it in return...
try sky diving in a dive with a jet pack. i went 211 mph
FoolishSage6 years ago
Try skydiving. Once you hit your terminal speed you're doing over 200kph without any vehicle at all! Just you, the wind, and the ground getting closer by the second.
onrust6 years ago
a 1978 280Z with a Chevy 327. i did around 140 mph but it needed shocks and i almost spun out......... i thought i was going to die!
Goodhart7 years ago
about 150-160 mph in a small 2 seater plane (as a passanger)
Yerboogieman (author)  Goodhart7 years ago
Sounds fun. I had the chance to do that last Saturday but I had to work.
It was my first flight and so far my only one. Tis been a few years now since then, but I have long since overcome my fear of heights and actually was able to settle in enjoy the "once around the county" flight. I'd do it again, if given the chance.
137 miles per hour (220 km/h) on the german highway (you can go as fast as you like there)
Yerboogieman (author) 7 years ago
New speed: 110mph. I blew my engine 7days afterward.
OUCH! Man, I used to love going fast. But I can't afford it anymore.
Poppso7 years ago
 160 mph car
145 mph motorcycle
Feb 1986 140+/-5 MPH on 7 Mile Bridge (US 1 Marathon Key, Fl, USA) on 1984 Honda V65 Sabre.  Jan 1987 1.1 Mach F/A-18.  The140 MPH was the best. To quite in the cockpit and hard to tell speed at altitude over water. 140 on land everything moves with a quickness and my vision tunneled to what was straight ahead. I dont think I would do that now, but I felt bullet-proof back then.
hellinabox8 years ago
Passenger plane: no clue
Car: 155mph
Bike: 150mph (I was afraid to push it further where I was)
yourcat8 years ago
At 15:

500+ in an airliner

85 by the speedo in a suburban

As I don't have a license yet, the fastest I've been in control of is ~30 on a bike.
PKM8 years ago
On land, 125 mph (in a train)
On land in a car, 110mph
When I was driving the car, 85mph (the steering wheel started shaking and I figured I should probably slow down a bit given the car had been seriously crashed and welded back together earlier in its life)
On the back of a motorbike, 95-odd
On my Yamaha, 68mph (didn't sound happy with me)
On a bicycle, 31mph :)
On water, I think 30-40kts in a RIB
Overall, 500-ish mph in commercial airliners.

Of those, items 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 were illegal :P
yourcat PKM8 years ago
31 on a bike is illegal?
lemonie PKM8 years ago
You never done 140 on a train?
I was in a car reading 140, but you can't trust speedo's, 125 probably?

PKM lemonie8 years ago
Oh, true- I forgot the TGV to Geneva (dahhling). Make that 140+ in a train.
whatsisface PKM8 years ago
You were driving a cut and shut or was it just repaired?
PKM whatsisface8 years ago
It had been crashed and repaired, but the damage was quite extensive- the subframe was cracked, and the steering wheel had jumped on the rack so it wasn't pointing straight when the car was going in a straight line.
Yerboogieman (author)  PKM8 years ago
Wouldn't they declare it totaled by then?
Koosie8 years ago
Been 230 with my brother in his car (him driving) and 185 in my car (me driving).  My car's old, though.  And not really built for speed.

(kph not mph).
that is looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong
crapflinger8 years ago
i once got my 91 ford tempo GL up to 115 on a back road (had to be paced by my friend in a truck because the speedo only went up to 80) roughly 120 on a ducati monster 1100 S (man that's a nice bike)...and not for very long....i thought i knew what scary was before that
V-Man7378 years ago
125 mph, Geo Storm, in the desert on some flat highway. Just wanted to see how fast I could go without getting scared. In a plane, 650 mph.
Kiteman8 years ago
Driving isn't always about speed (and that's from a man taught to drive by an ex-rally driver).

My first car was a 998cc Mini City, yet I could easily beat a friend's 3 litre Capri across town, thanks to a mixture of skill and advantageous size.

The fastest I have been when at the controls has been about 135mph, along the M62, getting the student newspaper masters to the printers before the deadline.

I regularly hit 80 or 90 on stretches of dual carriageway or motorway when I consider it safe to do so.

When it comes to speed limits, I am a genuine independent. It is a documented fact that roads with high speed limits have a much lower accident and fatality rate per car per mile than roads with lower speed limits. It just so happens that when accidents do occur, they are more likely to involve injury or death, the same way that flying is the safest form of transport when averaged out, it just happens that the deaths that occur tend to come in clusters of a couple of hundred.

If I am ever pulled over for my driving, I will fight in the courts any prosecution based solely on my speed at the time - I would expect them to prove that was unsafe at that speed before I gave in.
I regularly hit 80 or 90 on stretches of dual carriageway or motorway when I consider it safe to do so.

Exactly this. I know when the speed I'm going is unsafe. I even got rid of my sat nav because it told me when I was breaking the speed limit and got annoying.

I'm no speed freak though, I always stick to 30 in towns and don't go above 15 past schools.
Yerboogieman (author)  whatsisface8 years ago
You mean 25 in towns and 20 in school zones? At least that's what it is here.
I mean exactly what I said.
Yerboogieman (author)  whatsisface8 years ago
So you go over the speed limit normally and under the speed limit in school zones?
I suggest you familiarise yourself with UK Road Laws. The limit is 30 in towns. Most schools have an advisory limit of 20, but I dont take chances.
Yerboogieman (author)  whatsisface8 years ago
Do you guys go by MPH or Km?
Woah. I would much prefer KmPH, metric is way better than imperial IMHO.
Yerboogieman (author)  whatsisface8 years ago
This one guy at my dad's work got pulled over and got a $900 ticket for 27 in a school zone. So better safe than sorry eh?
Yerboogieman (author)  Kiteman8 years ago
My dad had the 5 liter Capri. Those Mini's are cool. The classic Mr. Bean car. Personally, when i am riding a bike mostly, if you aren't going fast, you are either tired or stupid. The reason i say that is because most of the people on the trail really are stupid and can't apprehend why there is two lanes and shoulders.
Top speed ever would have to be above 500mph(a commercial jetliner) With me in control it would be 106 mph in a freestar minivan, the speedometer says it'll go higher, but it was really hard to keep it there. now that I have my own car, an 88 reliant K, I will see how fast that puppy can really go(though the top speed indicated by the speedometer is 85(really its 90 cause my speedometer is 5 under))
prob over 100 on the highway when me mother speeded
95 on the way home once, completely accidentally. The Western Kentucky Parkway is a very boring stretch of road. Not many people on it, either. I was driving by myself, and I guess it was either The Ramones or that I really wanted to get home - but I was really gunning it! I looked down and was pretty shocked. Needless to say I eased off it quite a bit. :D
Yerboogieman (author)  jessyratfink8 years ago
What kind of car?
Toyota ECHO.
I guess it was either The Ramones or that I really wanted to get home
...What song?
I don't even remember anymore - I only know it was something on the Hey! Ho! anthology. :P
Oh man, I know what song that is (I think,) but I can't remember the name! *One Google search later* Was it, Hey! Ho! Let's go!?
Blitzkrieg Bop
NachoMahma8 years ago
. I've had several cars that would do 130-150 MPH for at least 15 minutes. Have been able to average 120 for over an hour (1979 Camaro Berlinetta with highly modified engine). Haven't had the 1967 Mustang up to max speed yet (gets "loose" over ~90 MPH). Current everyday driver (1998 Grand Prix GTP) shuts itself off at 120. :(
880 m/h in 737-400
bumpus8 years ago
I got our Chevy Equinox to shutoff whilst driving once.. Just at/over 100mph.. On my way home I usually touch 70 in a 45.. But don't tell my dad that. ;-)
CameronSS8 years ago
Fastest on the ground: Our Escort Wagon has a display hooked up to the engine computer to give a real-time gas mileage number. While driving on a long, empty, straight stretch of road in north-central Kansas, I got it up past 90 going down a large hill, just to see what kind of gas mileage I could still get at that speed. The gauge maxes out at 9999mpg. Fastest at the controls of something: I got to fly my instructor's Piper Comanche to Kansas City once (with him in the right seat). I wasn't watching the airspeed during cruise, but a Comanche allegedly cruises at 185mph, and there was a slight tailwind, so I'll use that figure. Fastest overall (in reference to the earth's surface as it moves through space (-; ): 560mph on a Boeing 777 from Dallas to Miami. Fastest I've ever been moving while using the bathroom.
catsnw8 years ago
45 on an ATV @ 12yrs old but I would have gone faster but no room and it was a stupid geared trany
I gave up speeding once I calculated that the time and money I spent on one ticket more than wiped out, globally, the advantages of getting someplace a few seconds earlier. Also, Ford speed limits their trucks to 95mph
My dad's '99 GMC truck shut down the engine at 100mph, turned back on at 80mph.
13 year old. 110mph in a '69 camaro - i was 7, was in the passenger seat ~200mph in a 2 seat plane - two years ago 25mph (gps speedo, lol) on a full suspension mtb - weekly 105mph on a Harley (on the back, duh) - four years ago Have yet to get my hands on an ATV without getting yelled at, lol.
KentsOkay8 years ago
Road (enclosed car): 95 MPH Open Vehicle (jet ski): 60 ish MPH Commercial jet air line, 550 ish Knots Stories later :D
lemonie8 years ago
If you don't have a permit or license you ought not to be on the road. But staying within speed limits is a sound idea. L
Yerboogieman (author)  lemonie8 years ago
Yeah, that's why i don't drive often.
skunkbait8 years ago
I grew up street racing, and when I was a kid, speed was a way of life. My Mom and Dad had great old muscle cars, and I guess the need for speed just gets in your blood. I once got a ticket for 94 in a 55 (back when the national speed limit was 55). I also outran the cops on a couple of occasions. I'd KILL my kids if they ever tried that stuff! I've done 130 mph on my old Katana. I've also gone 136mph in my wifes car. But these days, I stay close to the speed limit. High speed is for the racetrack! (But I still enjoy an ocassional blistering 0-60.)
Sunbanks8 years ago
My sister was letting me drive her truck and I was hugging the yellow line so she told me to go closer to the white line. But I kept going back to the yellow line. Then my sister told me it was a good thing there weren't any cops around because they would probably pull me over for drunk driving. I wasn't drunk though, just to clarify that.