Father follows YouTube video to deliver baby

An engineer in Cornwall delivered his baby son after watching an instructional video on YouTube.

Marc Stephens watched the videos as a precaution when his wife Jo started to feel some discomfort.

Four hours later, his wife went into labour and started giving birth before an ambulance could arrive at their home in Redruth.

Mr Stephens said his wife was on all fours when he saw the head starting to come out.

"This is our fourth child now and while for our first I spent most of the time at my wife's head, now I'm not afraid to go down to the business end.

BBC story

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Doctor What8 years ago
Hmmm.... Instructable title: How to deliver a baby.
Don't you dare!! I've been saving that one for if/when I have a child!
Haha! I will be pregnant and will deliver a child before you! I will record every step.
kelseymh8 years ago
Hey, I helped with our delivery as well -- I filled out and signed a lot of the paperwork :-) But I didn't put it on YouTube; bureaucracy is so boring...
:-D Took me a half-second to get that...
lemonie8 years ago
Yea I saw that. You ring NHS Direct, and they say "w w w dot you tube dot com slash..." L