Fattening a Maltese

OK, Yesterday, I went to this place called Bandung to promote my mother's new film, and while I'm at it, I decided to go to this awesome pet shop. Then, this girl comes, carrying the cutest dog I have ever seen! I believe it's a Maltese, like mine, but it's very fat and chubby with lots of fur. And when I say fat, I mean real fat. So anyway, any ideas on how to fatten a Maltese? I tried feeding mine, but she simply can't be that fat. So, any ideas on how I can fatten my Maltese, Snowy?

salonis5 years ago
Its really difficult or i must say i really do not have any other answer for that. But i guess some food can help them may be some organic one.  You can try some organicbullies which can help them as well. Though i am not sure about it. 
give them cheese burgers
maybe this is useful, lol
Mothys9 years ago
i have no answers how else are we supposed to fatten a dog... 'o'