Faux-Telescope Idea

Could mounting a pair of binoculars serve as a telescope capable of viewing the moon in detail? Not that in Phoenix, AZ there is any night sky... the binoculars' specs are 7X25 376/1000YDS 125M/1000M Thanks.

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Kiteman10 years ago
If you can get hold of an old pair of naval binoculars, they'd be brilliant. You'd be fine with a pair that was half-broken, so you might get them cheap.
HamO10 years ago
It depends on what you mean by "mounting a pair if binoculars". Mounting them to steady them certainly can't hurt, but 7 power by 25mm is not going to give a great bit of magnification. Although on a good clear night it should look pretty nice. The moon is a beautiful heavenly body.
Doom_Goat (author)  HamO10 years ago
I figured they wouldn't give suck great magnification, they are pretty dinky.
lemonie10 years ago
Binoculars can give you a good view of the moon, I've done it. Try it? L
Doom_Goat (author)  lemonie10 years ago
Sounds like a plan. Thanks.