How do I return to instructables that I marked 'Fave?' There must be a way to filter or sort by 'fave.'   What is the point of it if I have to remember every one I wanted to go back to?  To remind myself that I liked it when I stumbled on it before?  Thanks for any help anyone can offer.

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cadofe4 years ago
I am totally lost. I do not have a "stuff you like" section. Now I have to go back thru and try to find the particular item I wanted to work on. It took me hours the first time I found it.
Go to your YOU page and click on INSTRUCTABLES tab, then click FAVORITES.
cadofe cadofe4 years ago
now i feel really stupid. I finally found it a bit more buried than i expected.
Gwencallon5 years ago
Click You, then the Instructables tab. Under that there will be the choice for Favorties.
oh! thanks so much, i get it ;D
smittee4 years ago
Hi. I have the same problem. When I'm not logged in there is a little 'fave' heart to click. But when I log in, the icon disappears. Help? Thx, Ariel.
Moem smittee4 years ago
See this thread, it has people mentioning similar problems, and solutions that work for them.
smittee Moem4 years ago
Thank you very much. That thread pointed me in the right direction.

I finally figured out Instructables doesn't play nicely with the Ghostery plugin on my MacOS/Firefox setup. I made a whitelist exception for 'instructables.com' in Ghostery - problem solved!

Mostly solved, anyway. I use Ghostery for good reasons, and it's frustratingly weird that Instructables can't cope with it. Ghostery is a featured add-on at Mozilla, and I've never been troubled at any other site...

...Anyhoos, the fave heart did come back after I disabled Ghostery on Instructables. ;)
Hmmm, I wonder if it is the Ghostery plugin for my FF on Win7 doing the same thing...
Moem4 years ago
Here is a related question: how do I mark an Instructable as a Favourite? I can't find a link or button and I'm sure there must be one.
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