Favorite Authors?

I wanted to know who your guys' favorite authors are. My favorite author would have to be Robert Cormier(until further notice). Plus I like what I have read of Dean Koontz and Stephen King, but I think everybody does, and I like Robert Louis Stevenson.

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eforsdahl4 years ago
H. P Lovecraft, Darren shan, Michael Grant, Edgar Allan Poe and Dean Koontz
hi how are you doing
Edgar Allan Poe
Believe it or not, I live in the same village as Roald Dahl, I've seen his house.
those book are great
IKR, that was a fast reply!
with an author like that it has to be said
Lol, yep.
blkhawk5 years ago
William Faulkner, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Lope de Vega, Miguel de Unamuno, Miguel de Cervantes, Julio Cortazar, Horacio Quiroga, Juan Rulfo, Jorge Luis Borges, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, George Orwell, Franz Kafka, Gustavo Adolfo Becquer, Ruben Dario, Pablo Neruda, Carl Sagan, Mihály Csíkszentmihályi, Carl Jung, Mario Vargas Llosa, Malcolm Gladwell, William Shakespeare, Arthur Conan Doyle and, Federico Garcia Lorca.
Jayefuu5 years ago
Robert Jordan, Anne McCaffrey, Raymond Feist & Brandon Sanderson.
Stephen King, John Marsden, Roald Dahl, Micheal Robotham
monsterlego6 years ago
JRR Tolkien.
happyjo6 years ago
Neil Gaiman, Roald Dahl, Lemony Snicket, Avi, and Kate Dicamillo!
Nice I don't care much for Dahl but I love Snickets book's as well as Rowling (anyone who doesn't probably has not read them or is arguing that kids are going to start shouting sectumsempra at people they disagree with) L'amour, Riordan, the other authors of the 39 clues series, Brandon Mull oh and whoever wrote Rikki Tikki tavi as well as the people that wrote the recipies in the better homes and garden new cookbook.
Cool! I am also a big cheese for the Fruits Basket manga ^-^
Goodhart9 years ago
My all time favorite (of course, he is the only author I know of to have written a book in every category of the dewy decimal system of the library) author is Isaac Asimov, hands down. Second only to him would be Lawrence Maxwell Krauss.
what about sir arthur conan doyal he's pretty epic himself
Yes he is, but certainly not with the broad range Mr Asimov has (with books in nearly every category in the duey decimal system of the library.
Sorry i did not notice when our comment was posted.
Chuck Palahniuk Albert Camus William Golding Phillip Pullman J.K. Rowling Neil Gaiman
I would like to add Stephen King, Joe Hill, Margaret Atwood, and Joe R. Lansdale, but subtract Chuck Palahniuk.

Chuck Palahniuk and I have broken up, his last five books or so have been AWFUL.
The Stranger is awesome.
Oh, I forgot Gaiman - American Gods is brilliant.

(Are brilliant?)
"Is" is correct. American Gods = book. Book is a singular noun. So "is" would work, but not are.
(It was a small bit of humour - say "American Gods is brilliant" out loud, it doesn't sound so right)
westfw Kiteman9 years ago
Especially since they weren't! I didn't like it very much. I don't know that I'm prepared to say it wasn't brilliant, but... Sorta ugly. But I'd actually been to "House on a Rock", which is just as surreal in real life as it is in the book, so that was pretty cool...

Now I feel stupid :P
This is why you don't correct him when he looks like he's made a mistake. :D
I've learned my lesson.
I think I liked Good Omens a little bit more, but American Gods was very good.
craftyv6 years ago
Shakespear, of course.
daninja8 years ago
Brian Jacques, James Patterson, Rick Riordan.
Same list as you plus Christopher Paolini.
daninja daninja8 years ago
Oh Yeah. And Franklin W. Dixon.
EpicZombie7 years ago
i like jenny nimmo.Charlie Bone 1-8.
CLASSIFIEDINFORMATION (author) 8 years ago
Aldous Huxley!! yes yes :)
Ananand8 years ago
Terry Pratchett Avi Rick Riordan Cornelia Funke Roald Dahl J.K. Rowling George Orwell Anthony Horowitz
westfw9 years ago
Of writers that haven't been mentioned much yet, I'll throw out Lois M Bujuold, Steven Brust, John Brunner, Walter J Williams, Roger Zelazny, and Anne McCaffery. (I'm real surprised that RZ hasn't shown up yet.) So Kiteman - did you mean Niven & Pournelle, only when writing together, or do you like them separately as well? I don't think I care much for P on his own... Alas, authors seem to fall into two groups. Those who don't write enough, and those who write too much.
Doctor What9 years ago
Brian Jaques (I spelled that wrong). He wrote the redwall series.
Jacques. :)
Aha! So I did spell it wrong!
(to sound a little smart) I might check out some agatha christie later on, I like mysteries.
David McCullough Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Edgar Allen Poe John Grisham Michael Chrichton
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle? Sherlock, right? And where's Billy??
Yup-you got it. Lol, I forgot him! I was only thinking in terms of fairly recent works. Revised list: David McCullough Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Edgar Allen Poe John Grisham Michael Chrichton William Shakespeare
Gordon Korman Carl Hiaasen Those are probably the top 2.
Where have I heard of Hiaasen? Name a few of his works for me...
Striptease Hoot Flush His latest is Nature Girl, I think. He writes young adult and mystery. I'm sorry, I'm answering everyone's questions. I do this for a living, I can't help it. :P
> I'm sorry, I'm answering everyone's questions. I do this for a living, I can't help it. :P

You should actually be working on the plushie.

Don't go to work until it's done!
I'll let you explain that to my boss. :P
Dear Mr Boss,

Please excuse Jessy from work for the foreseeable future. She will be back when she has kept her promise to ten thousand iblers to provide each and every one of them their own personalised, handmade Plushie Robot.

Yours Sincerely,

Dr Uther Nutter
(Jessy's Trick Cyclist)

PS: Do you have any books on treating RSI? I think Jessy may need them...
Ah, that's it!

I read Hoot in 5th grade, and Flush in 7th. Excellent books; I really liked them, especially since they take place in South Florida (where I hail from).
You have your answer below.
Brennn109 years ago
As a child/kid; Roald Dahl was my favorite author. Since then, I have been reading different books by different authors. I thoroughly enjoyed To Kill a Mockingbird, 1984, Animal Farm, Ender's Game, and Homer's The Odyssey.
I'm reading 1984. I wanted to pick up Animal Farm, but I decided to grab Lord of the Flies instead. The Odyssey was wonderful; I love Greek/Roman mythology. And Roald Dahl is an amazing author. Ever read, Danny, Champion of the World or Fantastic Mr. Fox? My two favorite books by him.
Fantastic Mr. Fox was one of the first chapter books I read in school. One of my favorites by far. I also loved Danny, Champion of the World.
In truth, I didn't read Fantastic Mr. Fox until I was in 4th grade maybe. My younger brother was reading it for school and it caught my eye.
Awww, crap. I forgot Mr. Card.
PKM9 years ago
In no particular order,

Douglas Adams
Bill Bryson
Terry Pratchett (or Ty Prtchtt as he is known to those with signed books)
Neil Gaiman
Warren Ellis :)
Nick Hornby
Kim Stanley Robinson
Bruce Robinson (I've only read one book by him, it might be his only one, but it's my favourite book of all time.

... and assorted others I can't remember at the moment.
PKM PKM9 years ago
...like Philip Pullman (or rather the HDM trilogy, I haven't read anything else of his)
KentsOkay9 years ago
Hmm, Douglas Adams J R R Tolkien the guy who wrote "The Firm" what was his name....
John Grisham. (Our dumpster at work is named after him.)
(Our dumpster at work is named after him.)

Not quite sure if that's a good thing, or a bad thing...
We drown constantly in his books. Danielle Steel as well. They are the mainstream series romance writers and the scrapbookers and National Geographics of the fiction world. They churn out so much crap that we can't keep it under control. :P So our dumpster is named "The John Grisham Academy". We have to throw him away or recycle him so often it only seemed right.
That's him!
Tolkein? I read The Hobbit (barely). That man has such an incredible vocabulary, it probably out does Wikipedia by 10-fold.
Oh man, I've read and liked sooooo many books, I can't name them all!
BTW I just picked up Little Brother, along with Insultingly Stupid Movie Physics. I'm quite enjoying the latter, and I'll read Little Brother when I'm finished.
Little Brother is brilliant work - let me know when you're done.
Labot20019 years ago
Mark Twain
Shel Silverstein
H.G. Wells
Aldous Huxley (only because Brave New World is my favorite book)
I'll second Bob Forward and Larry Niven and throw in Poul Anderson Alfred Bester C.M Kornbluth and John Barnes. Oh and Charles Sheffield
Kiteman9 years ago
No particular order... Terry Pratchett Richard Dawkins Robert L Forward Ian Stewart & Jack Cohen Larry Niven (and) Jerry Pournelle Isaac Asimov Arthur C Clarke China Mieville William Gurstelle