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What are your favorite bands? 1. MegadetH 2. MettalicA 3. 311 4. Rage Against the machine 5. AudioSlave 6. Iron maiden 7. Black sabbeth 8. Ozzy 9. Black Label society 10.Pantera 11. Slayer 12. Alice in Chains 13.Saxon 14. Dio 15. Joe Satriani 16.Agent Orange 17. Van halen 18. Def lepard 19. Deep purple 20. Dreamtheater AND MANY MANY MORE... If you know like any of these then comment METALHEADS UNITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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DrWeird1178 years ago
Dio! YEAH!!!
happybirthday (author)  DrWeird1178 years ago
DIO? REALLY? DIO IS BEAST! ever heard of Saxon?
has Jesus read the bible?!
Actually no, he WROTE the Bible. (technically)
happybirthday (author)  spudling98 years ago
I love Saxon and Dio!

You're Hungry for Heaven!
"hungry for heaven" is a good song but dont you think the beginning riff is like "teenage wasteland" by the who
A lot like it. Daaaaaaaaaa! Daa-Daaaaaaaaaaaaa....Daaaaaaaaaaa! Daa-Daaaaaaaaaaa...
happybirthday (author)  DrWeird1178 years ago
You have a good taste in music, shows, things: Hogans heros, ATHF, Music and knex.
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