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What's your favorite breed of dog? My favorite dog would probably be a Siberian Husky. Though I love all kinds of dogs, especially big dogs like German Shepherds and Alaskan Malamutes. I also like some smaller dogs like Australian Cattle Dogs and Beagles.

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newtonph6 years ago
I do love big and small dogs, I grew up with my granpa's St. Bernard, he's truly a very gentle buddy. Now at home, we have dachshund and JRT, they are both very energetic and naughty, I miss them..
My favorite breed is the Cavalier King Charles spaniel! i want a black and tan one but i cant afford it right now.
KyaNyght6 years ago
I love my Maltese. He is the most loving dog.
HorologyJim6 years ago
Haha, I got the urge to come and see this forum post to talk about how much I love Akitas and sure enough the first picture is this one showing an Akita in a play stance, lol ;) I LOVE AKITAS! They are the most loyal, loving and intelligent breed of them all. Such beautiful loving spirits in every way.
Neon Panda6 years ago
Rhodesian Ridgebacks or Basset hounds :]
I love all dogs, and I have grown up with them!
As I'm writing this my dog (Rhodesian Ridgeback) is begging for my chocolate brownie =_=
I also love Shiba Inus :3 x
LoneWolf (author)  Neon Panda6 years ago
Cool, Basset Hounds are great dogs =D Have you ever seen the old detective show Columbo? In the show he has a Basset Hound named "Dog".
Ohh no I haven't? Sounds good :D
I love the film K.9 ;D
LoneWolf (author)  Neon Panda6 years ago
Yeah it is, the detectives hilarious =D He always acts real stupid and clumsy but he's always tricking people into saying something that gives them away.

I think I saw that film but I can't remember exactly, what's it about?
LoneWolf (author) 6 years ago
Yeah, Not that they can't have good personalities, but for some reason I just don't like hairless dogs.
Pretty much all terriers.  There aren't too many that I don't like.  They tend to be very playful, intelligent, cheerful, coordinated, fierce, loyal, long-lived, etc.  They're also a bit more compact and are great for scaring off various vermin.  They fit my lifestyle and personality to a tee.  If I had to pick ONE terrier, it might be the Rat Terrier.

For as painful as it is, I don't think I could own a pit bull or a dog that looked like a pit bull.  There are no reputable kennels around here that would be able to care for one if I had to be away.  I can't really blame them because pits are being bred more and more to be dog-aggressive due to dog fighting, and kennels have to be mindful of all the other dogs they're caring for.  It's just a terrible risk that a kennel would have to make.  I think they make for a great family pet, and it's absolutely disgusting how many there are in shelters.

The hound group is probably my least favorite because they are controlled by sight or scent.  I like other people's hound dogs, but I don't think I could have one of my own.  I actually love how they bay, but again I love how other people's hound dogs bay.

Personality and size are major factors in what I can own.  Of course, I badly want a Great Dane even though I'm sure one would break my heart due to an early death.
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