Favorite Cat

You probably have read the books. Who is your favorite cat? Why, and from which clan?

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110100101109 years ago
my pikachu
Hobo Joe_ (author)  110100101109 years ago
Ok Warrior's is a series of books about cats. It has nothing to do with Pokemon or a MOUSE called Pikachu. But I do like pokemon.
i actually have a cat named pikachu. picked her up as tiny kitten in the street pikachu ! ESD lightning attack mom's pc !
Ahhhhh! Step Away from the PC with ur paws up
Hobo Joe_ (author) 9 years ago
Lol, ok, have you read the warrior's series?
I have
Tanner 52229 years ago
I think my favorite cat would be onewhisker
ok tanner 5222 was a one time account my brother (hobo_joe) made to try to impress me with 1 comment on his little kitty book.