Favorite Flavor of Linux?

I have used LinuxMint, Ubuntu, Slax, and Puppy. I must say, Ubuntu is my favorite, followed by LinuxMint. What's your favorite "flavor" of Linux?

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romanyacik3 years ago

LMDE (Linux Mint Debian Edition). It's a little buggy, but I like it. even better if you've got Liquorix installed. I've tried the Mint main edition, Ubuntu, and openSuSE. I've wanted to try Arch Linux, but I can't for the life of me install it. Anybody know how? More importantly, is it worth the trouble?

I quite like Xubuntu. It has many of the great features of Ubuntu, but is a lighter build for older hardware. I use it on my IBM Thinkpad.
On my desktop, I currently have Vector Linux installed. I have played around with several Linux distributions on it. I am content with Vector for now.
______6 years ago
A ubuntu system called moonos neak moonos.org
awsaws6 years ago
A Ubuntu based OS called USU. Made in Bulgaria from a friends of mine
Slow, but steady OpenSuse11.3 and format weird OpenSuse11.3

I also like Mandriva.
Pardus Linux ftw, the only downside is slow download speed in the package manager(server is in Turkey). I also like Arch, and Ubuntu. Vector Linux was my first favorite though.
dkop1 (author) 6 years ago
Update: I've now tried MacPup 5.2.8, the newest release. The desktop is a bit awkward for somebody who is used to windows, but it's very organized, and simple enough to learn. It's a pretty good OS for old computers or low-end hardware.
mischka6 years ago
I was trying Ubuntu, but I dont like the new Desktop, so I switched back to my favorite: Kubuntu.

Many years ago I've been using Suse, Mandrake, Mandriva. All good, but (K)ubuntu has the most active user community and best support.
Goodhart6 years ago
Unbuntu is the one I have, and need to upgrade badly (tis nearly 8 years old).
Geez man, what are you running? Surely not Warty??
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