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This is a forum where people can talk about their favorite songs and bands. If you've had a bad day, you can also say what's been buggin you and you won't be judged.

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JustPrism4 years ago
Mostly rock. Jazz and broadway stuff are cool too.

I also like a lot of brony (My Little Pony) fandom stuff.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aaojFmFnNKE&feature=g-u-u&context=G2629c82FUAAAAAAADAA ;)
monsterlego4 years ago
One of my favorite songs is "merchant of death" from Iron man.
Aron3134 years ago
New Van Halen song TATTOO sounds GREAT!!!!
Aron3134 years ago
Van Halen, Led Zeppelin, and Jimi Hendrix!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Every day all day!!!!!!
iproberry14 years ago
pop music...nicki minaj
Are you kidding me?
(no offense or anything)
usually no.....what do you like
Pretty much anything.

rock, hip-hop, dubstep, alt rock, etc.
GASSYPOOTS4 years ago
ima try it in swedish

svenska sång

innotka4 years ago
I like classical and belly-dance!!!

Pop, Dance, R&B & Rock! :)
3VIL G3NIUS6 years ago
 i pretty much like most types of music.
but in particular rap with bass! :-P
-"Jump"-Van Halen
-"Panama"-Van Halen
-Under Pressure-Queen with David Bowie
-"Radio Ga Ga"-Queen
-"Final Countdown"-Europe
-"Summer of '69"-Brian Adams
-"Hot Blooded"-Foreigner
-"Livin' On a Prayer"-Bon Jovi
-"Learning to Fly"-Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
knexfreak956 years ago
LED ZEPPELIN AND BLACK SABBATH r the 2 best bands who ever existed
jollex7 years ago
My favorite bands (in no particular older (except for alphabetical)): Aerosmith Air Arctic Monkeys Athlete Coldplay Death Cab for Cutie Franz Ferdinand The Good, The Bad & The Queen Gorillaz Hard-Fi The Hoosiers Just Jinjer Kaiser CHiefs Kasabian Keane The Killers The Kooks Manu Chao Maroon 5 Modest Mouse Muse Nirvana Oasis OneRepublic Panic At the Disco Pink Floyd Radiohead Red Hot Chili Peppers Sigur Ros Stereophonics U2 The Verve Weezer The Whitest Boy Alive
what about iron maiden, slipknot, and pantera, and, dio
J Moneyman (author)  spudling97 years ago
I enjoy the occasional slipknot song, but i don't think that i've heard of the other bands. except iron maiden, i've heard that somewhere.
metalhead or not you WILL like iron maiden there my favorite band.
J Moneyman (author)  spudling97 years ago
Dude everyone has heard of Iron Maiden
J Moneyman (author)  thedoctorwho17 years ago
yea, i know! (not being sarcastic or offensive)
YES! The Killers! You go man! what about RATM? and guns and roses
J Moneyman (author)  SeMi_AuToMaTic7 years ago
RATM rulez
Yes Sir!
That looks a lot like my brother's facorite list.
J Moneyman (author)  jollex7 years ago
u don't listen to System of a Down or Rage Against the Machines? if you haven't, u should!
09 monk7 years ago
and rock
J Moneyman (author)  09 monk7 years ago
me too. lol wat if u is my bro?
haha. i doubt it.
J Moneyman (author)  09 monk7 years ago
yea. me too.
09 monk7 years ago
i like rap
razzlekunai7 years ago
I like almost anything except black pop. My favorite genres would be alt rock, metal, technooo, jazz, prog rock, piano-classical. My favorite bands are Muse, Daft Punk, Aerosmith, Seether, Three Days Grace, Tokio Hotel, Mindless Self Indulgence, Queen, Rise Against, and alot more.
its a lion7 years ago
I have found Orange Goblin recently, and I have to say I quite enjoy listening to them.
U forgot the best band EVER! System of a Down!
J Moneyman (author)  michael J. caboose7 years ago
i did?
lemonie7 years ago
J Moneyman (author)  lemonie7 years ago
hmm. I've never heard of the Butthole Surfers.lol, I think this forum might be interesting. my favorite band is SOAD and Disturbed. I'll check these "buttholes" out! (pardon me, i couldn't resist)
Some of the live recordings on that site are awful (might have something to do with their physical mental state at the time?) But this is a good one:

. TBS link is NSFW
I didn't see much NS, you'd like me to remove it? L
. Some might not appreciate the male genitalia on the opening page. I see no need to remove it as long as ppl are aware of what they might be linking to.
Ah. It's not that graphic, but I do like to think of it as a right-hand instead... L
. Maybe I just have a dirty mind, but, taking into account the image TBS puts forward, I'll bet a nickel (.05USD) it's genitalia.
Well probably, I think you're just good with silhouettes... L
J Moneyman (author)  lemonie7 years ago
i thought it was a right hand... O.o
Goodhart7 years ago
I like a little bit from nearly every kind of music (yes, as I said before, this ole geezer even likes one rap, or maybe it is hip-hop, song), but generally don't like anything unconditionally in the music genre`. The closest I would come to that would be my love for good classical music ( like Mozart, Beehtoven, Chopin, and Bach)
J Moneyman (author)  Goodhart7 years ago
what's the rap song?
Where'd You Go by Fort Minor



That is the exact
style of rap
that makes me explode inside
it takes away all my pride
it's like talking non stop for a mile,
how does this trash make you smile?
it isn't the style, it is how this particular message reaches me.... first marriage was to a sleep anywhere but at home bride, I can relate....plus the combination of my Mom being about 95% unable to hear, and that is where D-PAN (deaf performing arts network) comes in.

You don't have to like it, and as I said, I am not really a fan of most rap/hip-hop/etc types of music, just this piece. :-p
Ahh okay... I only said that to make a rap. Sorry if I angered you :(
No, I wasn't angry. Sorry if I sounded that way ;-)

I was just trying to express that I don't like all of any kind of music, so I really like a little or some of nearly every kind. . . although rap pushes the limit to what could be called music, at times. Next thing you know, reading poetry in a mono-tone will be considered music.....oh, wait, it already is ;-) J / K
Heh. But I still feel bad about ruining the message of the song, and offending your mother.
offending my mother.....what did I miss.....
J Moneyman (author)  Flumpkins7 years ago
u didn't anger me, i don't know about Goodhart, but i thought it was interesting thinking up a rhyme to counter the comment.
Errmm.. Thanks?
J Moneyman (author)  Goodhart7 years ago
what i don't understand is that the music is censored, but if you were a deaf person, it wouldn't matter how it sounded, they don't cut off the bad words in sign language.
Well, ASL is a bit interpretive too, each word is not necessarily signed: a for instance: at the beginning of the signing, the young lady waves her extended index (pointer) finger back and forth with a loosely clinched fist underneath, that is the sign for where, or in this case where did since it is a question.
J Moneyman (author)  Goodhart7 years ago
to answer your question....it doesn't make me smile but reminds me a bit of the pains of the past.... :-(
J Moneyman (author)  Flumpkins7 years ago
it doesn't necessarily make me smile, but listening to it merrily does for awhile. you may not like this music and think it's crap, but the music i like just happens to be rap. :)
J Moneyman (author)  Goodhart7 years ago
that's a good song. have you heard "Live Your Life" by T.I.?
No, and given to the randomness of the universe, I might never hear it :-)
J Moneyman (author)  Goodhart7 years ago
you can't get out of it that easy! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-sUCTuWETIg
It sounds as if it has a nice message....I just have problems with songs that I can't understand the words to (although I do enjoy some opera ;-)

BTW: that was my way of having you post an example without me asking for it :-) Thanks.
If that link above doesn't play the whole thing, you can view the full version from here.
Dispite being a complete metal-head, I'm very into classical.

Try these:




Whoops the one above is the wrong link (watch it anyway)

The real one:


lemonie7 years ago
The Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy Television

Still as relevant now as it ever was

J Moneyman (author)  lemonie7 years ago
NachoMahma7 years ago
. Here's one of my all-time favorites.

Classical + Jazz. Thats it.
J Moneyman (author)  I_am_Canadian7 years ago
i like jazz. Classical... not so much... do u like gospel? (u don't have to be religious to like it!) :)
I generally find a good part of gospel poor music, though christian songwriters like steve bell are also high on my list. I am a christian :-)
J Moneyman (author)  I_am_Canadian7 years ago
me 2. do u listen to Stevie Wonder? I enjoy his song "Sign, Sealed, Delivered"
Yeah, a bit. Superstition is my favorite :-D
That's a good one. I heard a story that the production team kept winding Stevie up by saying they'd had a problem and he'd have to do another take, in order to get that performance out of him in the final version... L
Flumpkins7 years ago
I am a complete metal-head. Look at all 8 of my profile pics, and read the bottom of my about me.
Slamming Brutal Death Metal, Brutal Death Metal, Technical Death Metal, Goregrind, Pornogore, almost anything near that.
And yeah i probally will kill you if you pay me out =D
J Moneyman (author)  snipercrazed7 years ago
i don't think that i've heard of any of those exept for death metal.
KillerPanda7 years ago
Anything but rap, country, hiphop, jazz, screamo(some is ok), and traditional songs such as christmas music. Hiphop is annoying because most of the people think "yes i got a synthesizer! now i can finally rap" and then they make songs about the ten percent of the people who are smart enough to hate them, including their girlfriend/boyfriend. Hiphop, rap, and country songs are constantly played and are dead within a month for the most part whereas there are many classics that never die in the GOOD bands such as metallica, AC-DC, led zeppelin, bob dillan, the beatles, and the rest. Screamo is for the most part bad just because its awful. again, some songs are good, but most are NOT and are just annoying especially when they try to rap. All it does is give people headaches. Traditional music is just a way for famous people to make an extra twenty million to buy yet another house in yet another paradise. Although, some christmas songs are okay, there are just so many imitators that they get really old which is why they are only played during the holidays. Other than the above mentioned (with the exception of metallica, AC-DC, led zeppelin, bob dillan, and the beatles) i like most types of music especially rock, punk rock, classical, and pop(especially michael jackson when he started). If you read to the end of this comment, then you need to get a life
tl;dr use the return key (aka "Enter")
pls7 years ago
Techno, some rap, and rock.
110100101107 years ago
mostly electronic music and trance

a bit of stuff like evanescence


electronic music
electronic music