Favorite NES + SNES Games?

Break out those old game consoles! At first I made this just a NES question but since I like SNES as well I've decided to ask you all what NES AND SNES games you like the most. Here are my favorites! Favorite NES games?: 1) T & C Surf Designs: Wood And Water Rage 2) Double Dragon II: The Revenge 3) Bucky O'Hare 4) StarTropics 5) Adventure Island Favorite SNES Games?: 1) Blackthorne 2) Demon's Crest 3) Super Mario All-Stars 4) Super Mario World 5) Zombies Ate My Neighbors

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randomguy968 years ago
The very best game is super metroid for the Super Nintendo.
completely true im a metroid nerd
ianbryant7 years ago
My favorites:

NES: Ultima, Quest of the Avatar, Zelda, Metal Gear

SNES: Nobunaga's Ambition, Wizardry 5
FFVIIBOY7 years ago
OK ive decided, my 3 favorite NES games are Legend of Zelda, Metroid, and Super Mario Bros
FFVIIBOY7 years ago
My dad downloaded an NES emulater onto my computer so i can download any NES game for free, my fav so far is Legend of Zelda
beackmaniax8 years ago
I like playing the infinite Mario game online, which is a random world generation game.

It is also really funny to play.
Final Fantasy III for the SNES (otherwise known, I believe, as Final Fantasy V.) Also, Super Mario RPG.
Doctor What8 years ago
My favorite was Act Raiser, I also liked Donkey Kong, Paperboy (I think that was the name of it), Megaman X, and the Mario RPG.
ry259208 years ago
well, this isn't a NES game, it's a SNES game but.... Super Mario World