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So, I just wanna know, what is your favorite song? My favorite song is Dreams of an absolution by Lee Brotheron, and lyrics can be found in my about me. What's your fav. song?

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Flumpkins9 years ago
Black Tide - Warriors of Time

Avenged Sevenfold - Dear God

The Who - Behind Blue Eyes

Zeppelin - Over the Hills and Far Away]

Cradle of Filth - Nymphetamine

For more bands I like just check out my interests in my persona.
Many years ago, a friend got tickets to see the Who. He called to see if I wanted to go. I wasn't there, and my Dad answered. He told my friend that I probably didn't want to go! WHen I found out, I said "DAD, WHat did you DO??!!!!" He was like "I didn't think you wanted to spend the $20!!! I guess he figured with Keith Moon dead, it wasn't worth the money! By the time I got to my friend, he'd already given the ticket to his brothers' girlfriend! :-(
That's unfortunate. I would have been pretty upset too.
That is definitely my favorite Zeppelin song.
It's awesome! I used to know how to play the intro on my acoustic. But now I haven't been playing for months, so yeah. I only know bits and peices.
whoops, The full name for the Led Zeppelin isn't a link. Oh well.
Looks like you got the Led out LOL
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