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So do any of you have a favorite type of dog? I like almost every dog breed there is that you won't accidently step on.......but I ESPECIALLY like Siberian Husky's.

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Knave1257 years ago
 Boxers are the best.
LoneWolf (author)  Knave1257 years ago
Cute, we almost got a boxer once.
lemonie7 years ago

LoneWolf (author)  lemonie7 years ago
Koosie LoneWolf7 years ago
lol, hot dog!  With or with out tomato sauce?
LoneWolf (author)  Koosie7 years ago
Oh lol XDXD
Koosie7 years ago
Husky's are awesome dogs! 

My favourite is the Border Collie.  I've never had one, but my buddies one really grew on me and my next dog will definitely be one.
LoneWolf (author)  Koosie7 years ago
Yeah they are :)

That's cool, my dad had a Border Collie growing up named Skipper, from what hear from him their pretty neat dogs.
Goodhart7 years ago
Huskies, especially because of the blue eyes, are very pretty, but I think if I HAD to pick one, a Corgy would probably be my fav.


LoneWolf (author)  Goodhart7 years ago
I don't blame you, their gorgeous dogs. I think if I had to pick a (by comparison) small dog as my favorite it would be a Beagle. In fact, we used to own a beagle named Molly.
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