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This is were you con post what your favorite gun is :D

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Any well made 9mm pistol Glock)
Any well made bolt action rifle in either .223 or .308 Winchester,Ruger,.Sako,etc)
Any well made 12 ga pump shotgun( Winchester,Remington,etc)
Reasoning:All have simple actions,are easy to maintain,reliable and the government has millions of rounds stockpiled for these firearms.

Good choices,

G23, any 30 cal. rifle Ruger, Agree with pump shotgun.

Although I like 30- 30 rifle maybe I watched too many rifleman episodes lol :)

my favorite weapon is the

Smith% Wesson m&p 15-22

smitty164 years ago
fully aromatic mp5 with inferred sights
My Favorites Are probably
Walther P31
Almost any shotgun
and the 22. colt revolver
Cooey Model 600 .22
And the 1911 is my favourite pistol
Henry Big Boy lever action rifle .44 Magnum
Beretta 92FS in 9mm
JACKBARRY5 years ago
semi automatic 0.22 winchester
just for strees relief
marlin 0.22 leveraction
bernie3085 years ago
Handguns: Colt 1911
Rifles: Winchester model 70, Weatherby Mark V, Ruger 77, Ruger No.1 and the ole' Mauser 98.

Nothing good to say about Remington, so I won't say anything.
tomsweet655 years ago
Pistol: SIg P226
Short Range Small Caliber Rifle: Ruger 10/22
Intermediate Range Rilfe: M-4
Long Range Rifle: M14, M1A, or Remington Model 700 in .308
Uber Long Range Rifle: .338 Lapua

I have been able to shoot a lot of different weapons over the years and these are the ones I would stake my life on any day...
I have a .22 Rifle. Its a really nice weapon, my dad also has a .308, its good for big game. I have also used a .22 Revolver. A gun that I like (but have never used) is the AA 12, fully automatic shotgun.
eddie9115 years ago
My RUGER GP100 357, But I am starting to build a toy that I believe will be not as powerful by loads of fun. Internet controlled rapid fire .177 b.b. gun with camera and pan / tilt capability, may need a lot of help from Instructables on this project
~Meme~5 years ago
Assualt rifle: Steyr Aug A2

Pistol: Automag (variations)

Shotgun: Spas 12

Light Machine Gun: Heckler and Koch G11
Knex.X5 years ago
Arisaka rifle (hard to spell)
All Dragunov's (they look so dangerous)
Superkriss Vector (cool design)
RPG-7 (Do I have to explain why???)
Walther PPK (so cute)
FMG-9 (wow)
Johnhall44 (author)  Knex.X5 years ago
ilpug5 years ago
Out of the guns I have actually fired:
Pistol: 357 magnum
Assault rifle: ACR Bushmaster
Long rifle: Any good 30-06
Shotgun: Classic Remington pump 12-guage

Before someone claims I haven't shot an ACR, I have three words for you: Arizona gun shows.
which .357 magnum?
- Desert eagle?
- S&W model 19?
- Colt python?
- Ruger GP100?
- S&W model 27?
- ...
- etc?
Johnhall44 (author)  dr. richtofen5 years ago
I finally figured out my favorite pistol after looking at about 1000 of the things and I decided it is a MK23 :D
Nice, H&K am I right?
Johnhall44 (author)  dr. richtofen5 years ago
hhhhhhmmmmmm..........I think it is but i forgot.
Yeah, I think it's H&K
Johnhall44 (author)  dr. richtofen5 years ago
lol now I think the 1911 might be my favorite XD
lol XD
Colt. That thing was crazy fun.
Cool! (which colt, lol? :P)
I only shot an airgun (.177 diabolo) and some sort of ceremonial/civic guard (''schutterij'' in the Netherlands)
Python, with a custom longer barrel.

Guns are really regulated in the Netherlands, right?
Cool. I don't realy know about the guns (I'm 15, and from 16+ you can join shooting ranges here) But I have 5 airsoft guns (which is illegal :o)
Johnhall44 (author)  dr. richtofen5 years ago
lolololololololololol XD
yes :)
Johnhall44 (author)  ilpug5 years ago
nice :D
blkhawk5 years ago
Chuck Norris!
Johnhall44 (author)  blkhawk5 years ago
I dont think thats a gun........
A come on, don't mention him everywhere. It gets very annoying,
btw bruce lee>chuck norris
Whats the one in the picture?
I was really interested untill I heard all these rifles mentioned.
No offense. Theyre just not terribly interesting to me personally.
I like the 1911 hair trigger. mmmm
Feels good in the hand but a touch jumpy. Vs glock or sig they feel awkwardly chunky to me.
Yeah, the trigger on a 1911 is pretty cool
(hair trigger, is that that kind of trigger with lots of 'holes' in it, like the one on the right?)
Johnhall44 (author)  dreiseratops5 years ago
it is the makarov
I think it's the pistolet makarova (also know as makarov pm)
The one in the picture I mean
Hmmm,. let me see:
- Sturmgewehr 44
- M14
- Heckler & Koch G3, G36
- Benelli M4 super 90
Johnhall44 (author)  dr. richtofen5 years ago
I think the M14 is my favorite but there is so many guns to choose from.............
True, I have an m14 as a airsoft gun (spring, m14 socom)
Derek Vigil5 years ago