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This is were you con post what your favorite gun is :D

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Any well made 9mm pistol Glock)
Any well made bolt action rifle in either .223 or .308 Winchester,Ruger,.Sako,etc)
Any well made 12 ga pump shotgun( Winchester,Remington,etc)
Reasoning:All have simple actions,are easy to maintain,reliable and the government has millions of rounds stockpiled for these firearms.

Good choices,

G23, any 30 cal. rifle Ruger, Agree with pump shotgun.

Although I like 30- 30 rifle maybe I watched too many rifleman episodes lol :)

my favorite weapon is the

Smith% Wesson m&p 15-22

smitty164 years ago
fully aromatic mp5 with inferred sights
My Favorites Are probably
Walther P31
Almost any shotgun
and the 22. colt revolver
Cooey Model 600 .22
And the 1911 is my favourite pistol
Henry Big Boy lever action rifle .44 Magnum
Beretta 92FS in 9mm
JACKBARRY5 years ago
semi automatic 0.22 winchester
just for strees relief
marlin 0.22 leveraction
bernie3085 years ago
Handguns: Colt 1911
Rifles: Winchester model 70, Weatherby Mark V, Ruger 77, Ruger No.1 and the ole' Mauser 98.

Nothing good to say about Remington, so I won't say anything.
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