Favorite knex gun

Hello .... I have run out of guns to build .... if you would tell me your favorite knex gun so that i could build it..... thanks

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pls8 years ago
dis 1
pic 103.jpg
DJ Radio pls8 years ago
seriously, I laughed soooooo hard when i saw that.
i know, is it a joke?
I thought it was.
so its real?!
knexsniper1 pls8 years ago
OMG!!!! dont point that at me! im scared! its going to hurt me!
knexguy pls8 years ago
Its teh DEVOURER OF SOULS!!!!1!!!!11!
DJ Radio pls8 years ago
I thought mepain entered that into the contest as a joke.
pls DJ Radio8 years ago
its no joke..
DJ Radio pls8 years ago
A knex gun similar to this was posted some time back... We all gave him the statements we give on block triggers.
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