Favorite cookie?

What are your favorite cookies? I like chocolate chip cookies without chips, they're great! Include recipes if you want.

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NachoMahma9 years ago
1) Oreo 2) Tollhouse (choc chip w/ semi-sweet chips)
I don't think we English really appreciate a good cookie, I kinda like the soft one's from subway. However I'll take a chocolate digestive or a hobknob over a cookie anyday
Ginger nut, dipped in strong black coffee.
Hell Yeah!! now your talking! What about penguins? Don't forget the penguins!
Nah, I prefer Jaffa cakes.
Can't dip them though they go all, well...soggy.
Goodhart9 years ago
A really good Oatmeal cookie, with lots of oatmeal
The very soft ones especially.
Oh darn, now I have to alter mine as Kiteman reminded me of Ginger snaps; which I would rank up there along side of my oatmeal. But only if they are made with real Ginger. Those store bought things are mostly blah.
canida9 years ago
I really love this snickerdoodle recipe.
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