Favorite/followed people won't update

I have recently had an error where my favourites and followers won't change. I originally encounter this bug a few days ago, on my mobile OS. I tried to favourite a instructable and it showed that it was favourited ( the heart turned pink and all. The next day when I wanted to see the instructable it wasn't in my favourite list. I tried it a couple more times on my phone but it wouldn't keep it on my favourite list when I shut down the app. I tried to delete favourites to see if that was the problem but I had the same error it would show it was unfavourited but It would still remain in my favourites. 

I then tried to use my PC (ASUS G750J laptop using chrome) same program but now I noticed that when I favourited/unfavourited an instructable it wouldn't change the total count of favourites for that instructable. I tried to delete my cookies and cashe for Chrome but I'm still having the same problem. 

Thank you and I look forward to your replies.

Cptkuddel7 months ago

Like by a miracle it's working again for articles I have favoured last two days. They show upon my fav list. But still, all favs of the last months have not been stored. Frustrating a bit.

Cptkuddel7 months ago

Hi, I have spotted that since 16. JAn 2017 my favs and followed people haven't been stored. Regardless of what device/OS or browser I use, nothing to s be My stored on my profile. Can you please help?!