Favorites Button is no longer there

I recall it being there several months ago, but not anymore. Is anyone else experiencing this problem?

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sjelly5 years ago
Added a rule to adblock to allow all ads for domain https://www.instructables.com/, save, refresh, favourite
CheckDavid5 years ago
My problem with favorites is more the fact that it's almost impossible to navigate through them. Making the point of having favorites a bit useless =/
VampiricPie5 years ago
It's also gone for me. It should be between the "Print PDF" button and the "Email" button on any instructable.
Same for me, I don't use it often so I have no idea how long it has been gone.
Running Windows 7 & Firefox 12 with Adblock Plus disabled.
Okay, I fixed it by disabling Adblock Plus, then deleting cache and restarting my browser. I get a favorites button now only when I have AB+ off.
Same for me, but didn't have to restart FF.
Tried all that to no avail which didn't surprise me as I have been using Firefox & Adblocker more months without any real problems, I did lose the rating stars for a short time a few weeks ago but that has been fine for quite a while now..
However I did have to change my antivirus a few days ago as the one I was running was causing problems, the AVG "Do Not Track" I installed with AVG anti-virus seemed to be causing the problem as everything works fine as soon as I disable it.
I just re-enabled Do Not Track & disabled only the ad networks leaving social buttons & web analytics unchecked through the settings & all seems fine.
Have you all selected a lot of Instructables as Favorites?

There is a known problem associated with members who have selected a large number of favorites. Essentially you've maxed out on what is allowed. 

This problem has been given to the programmers to work on as soon as they are able to. 

In the mean time, you may be able to "un-fave" some Instructables (if you don't need them anymore) which should allow you add others.

See comment by StumpChunkman.
Only if seven counts as a lot ;-)
Since I made the changes to Adblock Plus & AVG Do Not Track I have not had a problem.
Thanks for the suggestion though.
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