Favorites unaccessible on ipad

On the top right hand corner, under YOU, the pull down menu does not let the user input a command such as 'clicking' on favorites.

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mikeasaurus4 years ago
Thanks for letting us know. This is a known issue and has been already reported. We are working on a release and this is one of the areas we are aiming to fix.
larkrise4 years ago
I have just joined as a pro user and have found I am unable to log out on my ipad?
Is this part of the same problem?

Thanks in advance.
Moem4 years ago
What happens if you go to the You Page and then click the link below the words Stuff You Like?
oldmicah Moem4 years ago
You can't get the the you page either. The tap goes to the tech shop link instead... I feel your pain... I've requested that the just add a you page link to the bottom of the page fwiw....
Are you using a touch screen?
Hello Kiteman, Yeah. I'm using an ipad as well. This is the same issue we chatted about in another thread. I wasn't trying to beat a dead horse, just trying to confirm that the macguy wasn't doing anything wrong. (The issue is that I'm 'reading' instructables through an rss feed reader and don't have anyway to bookmark 'my page'. )

many thanks!
It's not just Apple products - my Samsung tablet has the same issue.