Favorites?....I only have Rate It text.

I tried to put this into the other post...but it woudn't let me..?? Anyway...I don't have a rate it button to add something to my favorites. Just the text. I have a Digg it button...so it can't be the browser...any ideas?

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unspecified8 years ago
I used to be able to rate things, but seem to have lost that ability recently. Can someone tell me if this is a punitive measure for downrating a staff instructable, or just a fluke?
LasVegas9 years ago
You should have a Plus and Minus button. To add to your favorites, click the Plus button.
rachel LasVegas8 years ago
For up-to-date-ness, the plus/minus no longer adds the Instructable to your favorites, it is only a rating. To add it to your favorites, use the "favorite" link just above the comment section.
Hrmmm... I went browsing today and made a bunch of clicks to add some things to favorites for reading later... but now my first page lists my 'favorites' as viewing 1 -10 out of 72. I can't figure out how browse to the rest... any thoughts?
Next to where it say's "1-15 of 72" there is a "Next" button. Click it to view the next page of them.
Thanks for the reply Vegas, but I'm not seeing it... I've attached the image that I see on my browser, maybe this will help explain things.
That is odd... Have you tried clearing your cache? This is a shot of how it should appear.
Picture 1.png
Eureka!! Welp... in a last ditch effort to make sure it wasn't something simple and lame... a furious bout of random-clicking-and-link-following ensued... and SHAZAM! Found it. Had to go to the "view my persona" linky... that got me to a screen with a "Next" button.... huzzah.
Vegas, yeah... I've cleared my cache... no dice.
I also even *gasp* tried IE 6.0

Also thought I might have to do something in my account settings, however I've found nothing when browsing through settings.

*sigh* ... I think the next stop is the "report bug" forum. I hope It's not something simple and lame that I'm missing.

Thanks for the help!
canida Sirckus9 years ago
How about the "view all" button?
LasVegas canida9 years ago
In the list of Favorites, I don't even have a View All button. Could it have something to do with the version of JAVA installed on the system?
tried three different systems... my laptop at home, my PC at home and my PC at work... Java 1.4.2 on home PC, Java 5 at work and on my laptop.
Sirckus Sirckus9 years ago
View All is "View All comments" .... it shows all the threads that I've participated on in the forums.
Sirckus Sirckus9 years ago
BTW... I'm using Firefox