Favour needed from you all...

My Scout group is trying to get money from an insurance company's Community Fund to replace our dilapidated tents - to buy enough for all our Scouts to camp at once will cost hundreds of pounds we haven't got.

All I need from you is a few clicks to add your vote to our group's application.


Please follow the link, register your vote, and share the link with your family, friends or random people on social media.



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Given you my vote.

Kiteman (author)  Nostalgic Guy2 years ago

Thank you.


Kiteman (author)  Computothought2 years ago


Get some tarp and make your own tents. probably save a bundle. 8x10 wall tents, pup tents, or what do you need?

Kiteman (author)  Computothought2 years ago

We prefer to use "proper" tents, but the real issue is funds - we haven't got any, and these votes are for funding that we could spend on tents, not for tents directly.