Favourite instructable

I don't seem  to be able to favourite instructables.
Can someone help me???

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mikeasaurus5 years ago
This issue has been resolved and this topic is now closed for commenting.
Moem5 years ago
For me, NoScript is what's hiding the button. If I temporarity allow Googleadservices.com, the star rating appears; if I also allow facebook.net, the favourites button appears as well.
emilyvanleemput (author)  Moem5 years ago
any help on how to allow facebook.net???
Moem emilyvanleemput5 years ago
Click on the NoScript logo, and pick 'allow facebook.net' from the list that pops up. The logo looks like the one at the bottom right in this image:
canucksgirl5 years ago
Is the button missing for you, or is it that the button doesn't work?

Usually the fastest fix in most cases is to clear your browsers cache and reload the page. Also ensure (if you haven't before), that you don't have an adblocker disabling part of the page from loading (normally you can add allowable domain names, like www.instructables.com, if that's an issue).
emilyvanleemput (author)  canucksgirl5 years ago
the button isn't there and has never been there
You probably have an Ad Blocker that's causing the issue. The favorites button is one of the very last items to load on a page, and so if the Ad Blocker stops an advertisement from loading, then quite often the rest of the page won't load either.

If you need more specific help in fixing this, I'll need to know what browser (and version number) you are using. :-)
emilyvanleemput (author)  canucksgirl5 years ago
I'm using firefox 3.6.28
This page walks you through how to unblock a website. Its easier for you to look at the link than for me to explain. (Just click on the "Show me how this is done" link on that page). :)
Kiteman canucksgirl5 years ago
Plus, it might be a good idea to update your browser - FF is on v13 now.
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