Fear of sleeping near metal

I'm very afraid of sleeping near metal of any kind, shape or form, and I need to get rid of this phobia fast. Anyone got any ideas?

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ReCreate8 years ago
...WTF? Metal? You mean the material?
Camisado (author)  ReCreate8 years ago
you make all these knives and metal weapons. maybe thats why
Have you ever had a bad experience of something happening when you slept near metal?
I suppose one could fear nearly anything.   Look at all the girls and some guys that fear insects   :-)   something one can crush underfoot....
lol...mostly because they are "gross" or whatever.
But I don't get it...Metal? That means you are afraid of your own blood, It contains some metal. :P
Everything in life is somewhat dependent on things that happened in the past.  Sometimes, we even block any specific incidences that may cause us to act / react in particular ways;  or bring about certain fears.  
You didn't live HIS life, so unless he feels comfortable revealing what may have caused this, I don't suggest questioning it further.  He may not even recall what brought it about, in any case, it is not something to "laugh at" as it is a genuine concern (for him, and you have concerns I bet also). 

There are ways to "desensitize" one's self from phobias, but it is a slow process, and one that needs monitored by someone close by, who understand the process.
Err....Ok....Good point...
x z i t7 years ago
That doesn't help get rid of the phobia.
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