Feature Request: Community editing

One of Quora's great features is the ability to "suggest edits."

Instructables has many brilliant DIYers who are...well, TERRIBLE spellers, typists or grammarians. Then there are folks like me, who may lack technical brilliance, but know very well how to write, spell, edit, proofread, and organize.

Allowing users to suggest edits, with a way for writers to quickly accept or reject them, would allow distributed collaboration that would make the site better and more useful for everyone.

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Kiteman15 days ago

If I see a project that needs a lot of editing, I tend to PM the author and offer suggestions.

abrothman (author)  Kiteman14 days ago

That's great -- but it requires a LOT more time for an author to manually incorporate suggestions than an automated system could provide. And when it's easier, more people will take advantage of it.




Glumgad14 days ago

As a non-native speaker, and probably one of "TERRIBLE spellers, typists or grammarians" I would be glad to get this feature.

But I see a problem. Any edition can change the meaning of the text. Especially if someone edit grammar rather than spelling.

abrothman (author)  Glumgad14 days ago

In a Quora-style system, every edit must be accepted by the original author. It just provides a simple mechanism to facilitate the help.