Feature Request: Could "Answers" include a JFGI-style sanity check?

There are a not-so surprising number of Questions which are trivial search queries, but the author (often Guest) doesn't realize that there's an I'bles search interface (as limited as it is). Would it be possible to add a buffer layer between the user typing their question and having posted? I'm imagining something like running the question through "search I'bles" and "search forum topics", and providing a very brief (i.e., text lines rather than giant icons) list of the top half-dozen results, with a statement like, "Do any of these Instructables answer your question?" Otherwise, someone like me or Nacho are going to be playing that role, and we will become less and less polite about it over time :-)

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ewilhelm8 years ago
It's on the development path. Soon!
Like Kiteman my suggestion was "Can't find the answer you are looking for? - Ask the community".

As an interim measure, I suggest changing the wording that appears in the question box;

If you can't find what you need with the search function, don't be shy, enter your question for the community to answer.
I hope it'll include past answers, too.
kelseymh (author)  ewilhelm8 years ago
Soon? Please, oh please, be soon! I'm getting more and more short-tempered with the Questioners who can't be bothered to do a trivial search (especially when the exact phrase they use would give them an answer).
. I feel your pain. I don't mind helping someone out who is having problems finding the right term(s) to search for, but it is irritating when I can select:right click:Search Google and get the answer. Getting to the point where I don't bother answering some times.
kelseymh (author)  ewilhelm8 years ago
Woo hoo! Thanks for the acceptance, Eric :-)
lemonie8 years ago
Sounds like a good idea. I suspect that a lot of the qu'estions don't get answered, so a number of people don't get anything out of it. The phrase "Don't be shy, enter your question for the community to answer." is perhaps a bit more inviting than it should be. Rewrite as e.g. "Can't find the answer you are looking for? - Ask the community"? L
I agree with Lemonie here, even to the point of making it: "Can't find the answer you are looking for with SEARCH? - Ask the community" !
or "Can't find the answer you are looking for with SEARCH? You know, the empty white box at the top of the screen where you type in something somewhat remotely related or vaguely similar in spelling to what you want to search for- If you tried that first, then Ask the community" or else you risk the possible wrath of an underpaid civil servant in the noblest profession, an unarmed nuclear physicist, a rabid old dawg or other random characters. Your mileage may vary.
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