Featured Author: Mark Montano

I just got to interview crafter extraordinaire Mark Montano, check it out here.  If you have more questions that I didn't ask here's the place to voice them!

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Congrats on the featured author! When I first started doing crafts, from paracording to origami, I always felt like the odd one. I never expected this, but everyone liked my crafts not made fun of me for making jewelry! Just another reason why I love crafting!

maxx_moxie3 years ago

I just can't pass up this unexpected opportunity to tell you... Wow! Your creativity, ingenuity and imagination are impressive. I just love your projects and ideas. Also, can't resist to say... I think you're super sexy. Been crushin' on you for years. A lil' anyway, ;) nothin' like my huge girl crush on Danielle from American Pickers. Ha ha Heheh hmm... anyway, darlin, kudos, props, praise and appreciation...

Cool, finally someone else which is using his name as nickname... or is it a stage name? ;-) Congrats for the interview!

Nope, not a stage name.....If I had a stage name I would probably have chosen something with a little more impact like Hercules Spiderman Humperdinck-Smith.

at least you have capital first letters ;-)

bricobart3 years ago

Join da club! Your projects are always a ray of sunshine in this troubled world ;)

Keep up that good spirit!

Thanks bricobart. I try to keep it light.

Congratulations on becoming a featured author! Your projects are so fun and creative and now, after reading your interview, you are hilarious too!

Hey Danger.....It was such a treat to be featured......Who knows, one day I may apply for one of those jobs you always post!

I hope you do! :D

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