Featured Author: Shazni

I recently had the joy of interviewing Shazni.  As a long time author she had a lot of interesting answers and I highly recommend reading the interview.
But if you have any more questions that you would like Shazni to answer, here's the place to do it!  Seriously how could not want to know more about the person that won that many instructables t-shirts!

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ChrysN2 years ago

Congratulations on the feature. I love the photo of your nieces and nephews.

shazni ChrysN2 years ago

Thanks! I just saw your comment. Seems like there is a bug where comments are concerned. Going to solve that problem now. :-)

Congrats.. Love your ibles :)

Thanks! I love yours too! Wish I was such a great cook as you ;)

786Ayesha2 years ago

Ah Finally I took some time to go through Ibl. Congrats and you deserve to be Featured. For the moment I have put a stop to Ibl due to .....:(

Thanks! Well as long as you are coming back! I would miss your ibles :)

Congratulation Shazni! :) Enjoyed reading and knowing more about you!

Thanks Muhaiminah! Would love to hear more about you soon too ;)

antoniraj2 years ago

congratulations shazni...

Thanks Sir!

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