Featured Author: Tarun Upadhyaya

Hey everyone!  Check out our latest featured author interview, Tarun Upadhyaya!  Got something to say?  Questions you wish I asked?  Now's your chance!  Share it here!

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Akin Yildiz3 years ago

some very inspiring answers in that interview, thank you for posting your amazing work..!

Thank you so much :)

omg can't believe i just saw this today!! i KNEW you'd be featured!!

such a treat to read about your creative life tarun! and so great to 'see' you! wish you lots of great adventures and many more ibles!

Thank you so so much dear Friend :), it is so good to see your presence in my stuff after a long time :)

Are projects based on technical and electrical aspects of lighting accepted for the contest

Hi Passion,

Most likely yes. Send me your idea over PM and I will let you know.

Congratulations on hosting the first Featured Author Contest!

I'm so excited for you and I'm looking forward to all the awesome things these Contests inspire people to do! Have fun judging! =)


Thank DeAndra :). Sorry to respond late. It is such an honor and I am super excited :)

advaym3 years ago

Hey Tarun, to see an Indian author featured here is truly inspirational! :)
I am also Indian and just made an instructable about a lampshade and posted it just one day ago! :(
was wondering can I be eligible for your 'featured author' contest?


advaym, I saw your lampshade Instructable and it was really good! I'm sorry you missed the contest, but I hope to see more awesome projects from you! You still have three weeks to enter another project in the featured author contest and I bet you will be able to come up with something awesome!

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