"Featured Banner" is now missing on the instructables.

The "Featured Banner" is missing when the instrucables are in a list like on the home page.

Is that a new FEATURE or a BUG?

Will it be coming back?

What's the benefit of creating an instructable and getting it featured if the author is the only one who knows it's featured?

And yes I know I complain a lot, but if I don't tell you what's wrong how will you know?

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Re-design (author) 7 years ago
If you click "feature comment" then refresh, "Reply" goes away.

What does "Feaure comment" do anyway?
Hee, hee. This is fun. How often are you and I going to cycle through checking and unchecking those flags? PM me for more information...

Don't touch that button!

What it does is to "lock" the comment at the top of the list (right under the topic text) and make it unreplyable. This used to be a staff-only capabiity, but I think it's either been released accidentally, or they're experimenting.

A locked (or "sticky") comment cannot be replied to, nor can any replies UNDER a sticky comment be replied to. This is specifically to prevent having the sticky thread "hijacked" by trolls, a problem which is commonplace on some other discussion systems.

kcls7 years ago
I do miss the featured banner on member pages. I want to know which instructables got featured, not a percentage. For example, 2 of my instructables got featured, but if you look at my member page, you have no idea which ones. (It was the hat and the contest ones)
rachel kcls7 years ago
We actually have not removed the featured banner from the member pages (I see it on your member page -- if you still don't, please PM me a screenshot and I'll investigate). As kelseymh surmised, we only removed the banner from lists where ALL of the instructables are featured, like on the home page. Wherever there is a mix of featured and unfeatured, the banners remain.
kcls rachel7 years ago
You can PM screenshots? How do you do that? Well, here is a screenshot, anyway. The Hat and Contest ones were featured.
New Picture (3).bmpNew Picture (3).bmp
rachel kcls7 years ago
Ha! My bad, brain fart: no you can't PM a screenshot. OK I think I see the problem... will test my theory in the morning.
kcls rachel7 years ago
Who are you? Is this Rachel undercover?
rachel kcls7 years ago
Yes, that was me. I have a regular account as well as an admin account, and I accidentally replied from that one.
kcls rachel7 years ago
That's what I thought.. I didn't realize that the admin accounts were pro, so that's why I wasn't sure.
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