Featured advertisements?!?

Here's something I haven't seen before:  the "pro-only" ad for Adafruit's discounts has a Featured banner in the upper right corner!  Even the Instructables Card Game ad doesn't have that banner.  Is this something new for "blessed" in-house ads?  Or a bug?  Or what?

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HeyJD7 years ago
I just clicked the banner and It brought me straight to the instrucable... Yet I know it's still an ad because when I leave my mouse hovering on It shows the link your clicking (on Chrome) ... It says Http://googleads.g.doubleclick.net/sad:awipasdfjoadsfhsdoj......... Strange...
nickodemus7 years ago
I haven't seen these... I'm using Adblock. I still get the Ace advertisement at the top of the page, but no others. If these bother you, I really recommend downloading it.
kelseymh (author)  nickodemus7 years ago
Why are you using Adblock any more? You don't get external advertisements with a paid account. The Ace sponsored tab is not an advertisement. 

The only things you are blocking are only I'bles internal "ads" showing you cool projects, and things like the I'bles top-trumps game, the above special from Adafruit, and contest announcements.
I am using a 'special' AD block, it blocks out those nasty poorly made flash AD's, but lets through the non-flash AD's :)
I mostly use Ad-Block for non-Instructables sites, I've been too lazy to remove the filter for Instructables yet... But since I've been reminded, I'll do it. Thank ya!
I use foof (firefox addon), and it's brilliant, but I disable it for Instructables.
Robot Lover7 years ago
Wait, What? i have not ever noticed these. LOL... or really.
kelseymh (author)  Robot Lover7 years ago
I've never seen in before this particular one, either. Even the Top Trumps ad doesn't have the "Featured" banner in the corner. It's pretty cool, I think, when the ad is for something from an I'bles member.
Does Adafruit maybe buy that space? Or is it something to do with the 10% deal in place and also in the ad...
kcls7 years ago
Huh, look at that! I never even noticed... very observant of you!
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