"Featured" corner banner removed from instructables on profile pages

The featured banner that usually covers the top right corner of an instructable has dissapeared from users' profile pages.

Bug or intentional?

Doubt it's browser related, but in case it is: Windows 7 w/ Firefox 3.6.3

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lemonie7 years ago

The whole system has never been perfect, it's always got a few minor faults, and probably always will have. That is Java for you, in that people can use it, but still get out of their depth at the edges... You might see why a problem occurred once it has, but spotting it beforehand is different.

kcls7 years ago
Same here. I liked them.
DJ Radio7 years ago
I think it's intentional to keep people from "Fake featuring".
Adding a feature banner to their title picture? Who's done that?
Mine are gone to... Last mozilla firefox on windows vista I kinda want them back... It immediatly shows other people which of your ibles were featured...
gmjhowe7 years ago
Same on mine. Safari 4 on Leopard