Feel tired advices please!

I always feel tired, I don't know why? I feel it’s a great place to put up my problem. Can you give me some advices. Thank you!

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corey10 years ago
How much do you sleep? You can be tired from too little sleep, or too much sleep. What about your diet? What you eat also plays a factor. Make sure you're getting all your nutrients. I feel better with THROTTLE MATRIX everyday, being a graduate student, I have to put in long hours of research late at night and Throttle Matrix keeps my mind focused. Have a look at their site myochem.com. I don’t know what I would do without it.
Get checked for mono. (mono isn't always so bad that you have to stay home all the time, some people get it and can still be pretty much be fine)
I accually have mono right now(had it for about a week and a half). I just go to school as long as I can. I also had the flu with it so they only found out 1/2 a week ago by a blood test.
When I had mono (senior year of high school) my doctor wouldn't let me go to 6am swim practice, but I still swam 2+ hours in the afternoon. It was kind of nice to be ordered to sleep in.
Of course, I had to be almost physically dragged to the doctor for the diagnosis- denial is a wonderful thing.
evy-wevy10 years ago
Multivitamins are bad for you(my doctor told me).
So is tanning (my friend's skin cancer told me)
Not necessarily, water soluble vitamins are good, however, you can overdose on fat soluble vitamins.
Kiteman10 years ago
Get your blood haemoglobin levels checked. I was tired all last week, then when I went to give blood they ound I was on the edge of anaemic. Avoid lots of sugar and caffeine. Eat slow-release carbohydrates (brown bread, high-fibre cereals). Dark green vegetables, cooked "al dente". Eat red meat, liver (don't eat non-organic liver if you're pregnant). Dark chocolate, not milk. Get to bed at a reasonable time, get up early and walk to work (or walk a few stops down the bus route). If it lasts for a week, go see your doctor.
cheese is also good. If you eat a fruit or any thing else with high fast-releasing carbohydrates, eat it with protein. See a doctor.
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