Feeling kinda hardcore

So, my brother and I found ourselves locked out of the house with the only possible help hours away. Not to be defeated, we unscrewed the lock on the garage door, grabbed my keys (which I had left in there) and got inside the house. This is probably kiddie stuff compared to most of you but I'm still feeling kinda awesome and wanted to share.

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kelseymh7 years ago
Wait a second....the doorknob on your garage has the screws on the outside?!? Wow! I've got to tell all my meth-head friends about this, so they can come and break in to your place.

But seriously, just so you know....when you install a doorknob, the screws always go on the inside, specifically to prevent this sort of thing.

And yes, this was a great way to solve your problem. You should feel awesome -- successful problem-solving is always a Good ThingTM.
In my last apt, the supervisor at the place I worked at, woke me at 7 am Sat morning (I was on second shift then too), and told me the Third shift operator (we no longer have one) had not unlocked the system and I had to go in and do that....was just a half block walk at the time, so I threw on a new pair of shorts (bad move) and stepped out of the apt (bad move just doubled). As the door CLICKED closed behind me, I realized the automatic lock had locked me out without any keys.

In 2 minutes (after a 20 second pause to think) I was back in the apt.   You better believe that once I took the 5 minutes it took me to correct the problem at work that I was back home making my air conditioner MUCH more secure.   It scared me how fast I was able to break into my own second floor apt.
you rang? wait, that must be for Nacho.
He'd forgotten his keys, but had a screwdriver in his pocket...

The boy's a Maker!
Militant.Jester (author)  Kiteman7 years ago
Lol unfortunately no, I grabbed one from the neighbors...
I do normally carry a pocketknife but this was right after school so yeah.

(The reason I didn't have my keys was because the hook on my homemade paracord lanyard had snapped... does that restore my maker status? :P )
Militant.Jester (author)  kelseymh7 years ago
I know, right? *sigh* It's like a classic sliding latch thing so there has to be screws on the outside. But it really is just asking for a break-in.