Feltidermy is like taxidermy, but much cuter

This is too awesome. These feltidermy pieces are felt versions of the classic head-stuck-on-a-chunk-of-wood taxidermy thing. Be sure to check out the full Flickr set for a lot more examples.

Feltidermy Flickr set via neatorama

Picture of Feltidermy is like taxidermy, but much cuter
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MelchorWard5 years ago
That was indeed a cute mouse. I am sure that many are also interested in this kind of decor.
blankczech5 years ago
If it's any consolation, they did eat the rest. . . . it's not like it went to waste. . . .
lol, Almost cute enough, but they're still decapitated animals XD Maybe a whole one?
a whole one would be a stuffed animal or something. they look funny this way.
canida8 years ago
Wait, what do you mean "but much cuter"?!?
. ROFL How could anything be cuter than a mouse mouse?
I was kinda hoping I at least was cuter than Mouse Mouse...
Doctor What8 years ago
Reminds me of my jobshadow. Every student in high school has to do one. I chose taxidermy. I watched as they took the skin off of a raccoon, stuffed a moose, and a skinned bobcat was lying in the middle of the room the entire four hours I was there. It was awesome.
fwjs288 years ago
me likey dinosaur..... RAWRz
Sunbanks8 years ago
:D I want one I love the little mouse one wearing glasses.
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