Fenix Launches ReadySet

Fenix Intl is a little company with a great solution for backcountry power. It’s the Fenix ReadySet: a mobile power source with a sleek design, which fits (along with its solar panel) in a backpack. It can also be charged with a bicycle generator or plugged into the power main, if that’s handy.

They are targeting it towards remote parts of Africa, where power is rare and sun is plentiful, but I’d use the ReadySet’s 5- and 12-volt outlets to finally rig my swamp fort with the Arduino-powered extras it clearly needs. In addition to the USB charging ports, it’s got cigar lighter adapters, so charging a phone and running a radio in the wilderness are options as well.

Sound good to you? Just yesterday, Fenix launched a Kickstarter campaign where pledgers are rewarded with discounted ReadySets and other Fenix gear. It runs until August 10th, though as of writing it looks like they’ll reach their goal by the end of the day! (Update: goal now reached. But you can still get the units at a discount!)

What’s more, our friends at Fenix have given us lots of units to play with and use as prizes. Thus, Instructables will be running an “Off the Grid” contest in early August-September, to be based on rural and mobile power sources, green charging, and renewable energy solutions. And we’ll be giving lots of ReadySets away.

What can you do? How could you make it even cooler with a Fenix ReadySet? Post your ideas below in the comments, and we'll look forward to seeing your Instructables in the contest!


Picture of Fenix Launches ReadySet
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DoctorDv5 years ago
I could really use a Fenix ready set for my camping trips and also for adding one to my family's mini van! This is such a neat gadget!

miicchhii5 years ago
Why not running a webserver on it? Using a Raspberry Pi consuming 3.5W shouldn't be a problem on a ~100Wh Accu with 15W solarpanel. See this Link for further information: http://langeder.no-ip.org/cms/index.php?p=raspberry-pi-server&lang=en
You would need internet for that.....
Goodhart5 years ago
Most of the things I have done in the "off the grid" arena require no (or ambient) power...so I am not personally sure how that would fit in here.
SHIFT!5 years ago
Fenix! I haven't heard from these guys in ages, they used to share the same building with us at 82 Second street last year. Always great people.
Potenco! I haven't heard from those guys in ages. I guess they couldn't save the world with human charged power.
noahw (author)  caitlinsdad5 years ago
Potenco didn't have the best run at the emerging energy market. Fenix is looking real good though. I've used the ReadySet to power all kinds of things on river trips and I like it a lot.