Fiber Optics Bed Bed Cover - Way Too Cool

What do you guys think? Possible to make by hand? Comfortable if done DIY?


kelseymh4 years ago
Unclad (bare) fiber, from Corning, can be purchased online for 10 cents/meter. At 0.25 mm diameter (which can handle down to a 5 mm bend radius), this stuff should be flexible enough to weave into an existing loose chenille (like the pillow shown in the picture).

As Caitlinsdad noted, the hard part is really going to be coupling a light source to all of the cut fiber ends. I'm not a fiber engineer, so I don't have any good idea how to do that. To the Web, Batman!
caitlinsdad4 years ago
Yes, you could make by hand. Would take a long time if you couldn't loom your fabric from scratch. Not too comfortable since even the flimsiest fiber optic cable is hard. You would need to polish off along the fiber to get the light to shine through at places besides the end of the fiber. You would also need a pretty intense light source to get that glow which means a possibly hot light source and power supply.
Myrloc (author)  caitlinsdad4 years ago
They claim a 4.5V power supply, is this reasonable? I can imagine it would be uncomfortable. You don't think there's any way to get a somewhat normal flimsiness to it?

I'm looking and I can't find any thin cables that aren't sheathed in a solid color, non-opaque coating.

The sales photo was probably taken in a completely dark room. Strands of fiber optic fibers are interwoven with the usual textile threads to form the fabric. It will be stiff and you can't crease the fabric. You might be able to find an LED strip or a string of LEDs at 4.5V to terminate the optic fibers on one edge. You need to source the pure optic fiber strands, in bulk, which you will need a lot of. Even the pillow might be heavy. Good luck.