Filling Hollow Plastic

I need help with my cheap sword. It's hollow plastic so it tends to bend and flop. What should I fill it with so it's more heavy and stiff? I want the fill to not shift or melt/disolve the sword please.

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Honus4 years ago
Try filling it with a two part urethane resin such as Alumilite.

A lot of people I know use a resin like this to reinforce vacuum formed plastic so it shouldn't hurt it. It pours like water and will cure in a matter of minutes.
Thrasym5 years ago
Um. I'd probably stick a metal rod or wooden dowel in it first, then fill it with an expanding foam. You can get both at the hardware store, home centers, etc. Can of foam is around $10 to $15, something like a 1/8" dowel or rod should only be $3 to $5 for a 3 foot length. Well, that's in Canada or the US...elsewhere, who knows.

If you want to stiffen up the handle, you can drill a hole for the rod/dowel in a fatter wooden piece or just wrap the rod/dowel in duct tape or something.

If the foam you get isn't very liquid, you'll need to cut a few holes along the length of the sword for filling.
Lotsa Bad Luck (author)  Thrasym4 years ago
Will the expanding foam break the shell? It's only cheap plastic. How should I prevent the foam from cracking through?
Make sure you get the minimal expanding spray foam for windows/doors. And better if you get the latex based or washup with water one. You can change out that plastic straw or tube they give you to shoot the foam with something bigger or rigged up to drop it in further down the sword innards. Spray only 1/2 or at most 3/4 as much, let cure, then fill in more layers. Minimal expanding foam still grows a bit as it cures. Polyurethane foam will be an awful mess that you can't really clean up unless you plan on redoing the sword. Good luck.
David9815 years ago
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